A Week of Miracles


Family and friends,

My heart is SO full right now! This week was like my title states, A week of miracles. This week (Tuesday) started out with us doing exchanges. This is when we split up and go somewhere else with a different companion. I went to OKC south which is like 20 minutes north of Norman. We (Sister Burnham, Sister Zaleski and I)  started off by teaching a first lesson to Jimmy Brown. His wife is a member, but he has never really shown interest. He helped out with the tornado relief and said the Mormon people were so nice so he wanted to learn more. This lesson was so powerful. I got the opportunity to share the Joseph Smith story. I looked into Jimmy’s eyes and bore strong testimony that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that he did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong and he committed to be baptized July 6th. I was on a spiritual high after that! The forces of evil can not stop this work! We had dinner with the Robley family afterwards and visited another less active who is struggling with recognizing her own self worth and God’s role in her life. On Wednesday (still in OKC south), we went and visited Sister Steele, she is less active and is trying to put her past behind her and come closer to the Savior. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she teared up when we told her that she was one that fought on Christ’s side in our premortal life, that she is strong now, and can grow stronger through the Atonement and the love of God. Then we had this SWEET experience. We were driving to visit a less active sister and Sister Burnham felt that we should go to another person’s house instead and when we parked we realized our tire had a hole in it. We had to re-exchange in only an hour and so we were a little nervous. Then 4, 10 year old boys walked by and asked if they could help. We said “Well, if you can change a tire.” They had that tire changed in 5 minutes. tops. It was so impressive. I had a prompting then that we needed to give them Book of Mormons. We told them we had a book we wanted to give to thank them and that it was special to us. One of the boys was like “Oh we don’t want to take your prize possession.” We assured him that we had plenty haha. They all took one and headed on their way. We will probably never know if they ever read it, but I know the spirit told me to share it with them and that’s all that matters. After the exchanges, we headed back to Norman (Sister Carlini, Zaleski and I) and went to dinner at the Biddles. Brother Biddle is in our YSA Bishopric. He is so amazing and so is his family. Then next day, we planned and trained and had District lunch. The Elders made us all hot dogs and set the table all nice for us. (Picture). Friday we had District Meeting. Elder Wells taught about Leadership in missionary work and how important the work is that we get to do. After the meeting, I asked Elder Curry if he could give me a blessing. I realized I hadn’t gotten one since I had been out! It was just what I needed. The blessing talked about so many things that I needed to be reminded of, but one line that stuck out to all of us in the room was “for fear is not worthy of a child of God.” It was powerful. I think that is something we can all remember. That we are children of God and fear is the opposite of faith. We then visited a referral that wasn’t too interested because he only believed in science… then we met a male witch…haha it was quite the afternoon. We went to Jamba Juice after to visit another investigator who worked there and to get smoothies. He said he wasn’t interested anymore either. It definitely was a downer afternoon, but… we got to meet with Zhaotong that night and watch the restoration with him in Mandarin Chinese! He definitely gave us a boost with his unfailing testimony and diligence. He is the best! On Saturday we went out to Little Axe to serve in our yellow shirts. We helped out at “Ginger’s Farm.” She had fainting goats, a pig named Amanda, and turkeys!  After the work was finished she showed us around. I PET A TURKEY! They are actually really nice. The pig Amanda sits if you give her a treat and Ginger showed us how to make goats faint! You surprise them! It was super funny and we were all cracking up! We then went to Paula’s to clean up. She is from France. I got to speak French with her… or the little bit that I know. I said, “Je m’appelle Soeur Roberts.” She said, “tres bon!” AH 🙂 SO COOL! It was so great and we talked to her a little bit about the gospel. After that we visited a referral named Melissa. She was amazing! She is so happy and we are thrilled that we get to teach her. More updates on her next week. Sunday we went back to Paula’s and worked from 9 until 3. I am completely fried from the sun haha. It was a neat experience though. We heard that she accepted to have the missionaries come teach her! YAY! We then taught a lesson to Joey who was just interested in hearing more. The lesson went really well! Missionary work is the best!

So now to explain why this was a week of miracles. One could look at the events of the week and think that it all just happened, but in reality, everything that happened was a miracle. The timing, the people, everything was truly directed by the spirit. I have a strong testimony that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He wants to be a part of our lives, but we have to let him, and through that our life will be more full, rich and radiant! We will feel the peace of the spirit. Why fear when God is on your side? He is on our side as we are on his.

Love y’all!

Sister Roberts



4 thoughts on “A Week of Miracles

  1. I love your testimony and vibrant spirit. Sister missionaries taught my family the gospel when I was a little girl. You are doing a great work. But you know that already. Lots of love and prayers to you and your companions….and prayers for the people you Are teaching.

  2. We are so happy you are a faithful missionary and that you are experiencing the spirit and miracles in rich abundance. It is such a blessing to be able to teach God’s children and help them progress. What a labor of love it is! You are an inspiration to us all! Lots of love and best wishes! Teresa Peery

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