Live Up To Your Potential

Family and Friends,

Hello from the beautiful (green, hot, humid) land of Oklahoma! This week was great again although it did surpass 100 degrees with HUMIDITY! I have never had to be in this type of weather for this long before. It makes me so grateful for living in the desert. I keep I use to be a wimp with heat! BUT it is sooo worth it! I love Oklahoma and have really grown to love and appreciate the people here. So, here’s an update on the week!

Tuesdays we go do service at an assisted living home in Norman. We organized Bingo for them and read out the numbers! It’s so much fun and the old ladies are adorable! All our lessons fell through sadly, but we were able to go visit ward members and less actives.

Wednesday we went up to Moore for the New Missionary “Veteran’s” Meeting. President Taylor spoke along with Sister Taylor and the Assistants. Something that stuck out to me was that we can choose what we get out of life (or missions). Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ has shown us the way, and all we need to do is follow it to receive all the blessings he has promised and more. But how many times do we prevent ourselves from receiving the fullness of His blessings because of laziness or our own agency? We need to take advantage of this life He has given us. Watch YOUR POTENTIAL YOUR PRIVILEGES ( No more should we be eating beans and rice in this life. We need to live so that we can receive ALL the blessings he offers us if we only follow him. So now I’m a “veteran” which just means I’m not a greenie anymore. haha…

Thursday we were able to plan for our whole week. We also went out “finding” and met some interesting people.

Friday we had District Meeting where we shared our testimonies of Christ and the Atonement. It was a good one! Then we had District lunch and the Elders brought out a one month birthday cake they had made for my one month mark! It was so great! We then went on exchanges and Sister Zaleski and I taught Joey. We watched the Restoration with him to add to the lesson and the spirit was so strong. Later that night Sister Burnham and I watched Finding Faith In Christ with Mike, a less active. That was amazing as well and the spirit was strong. It was amazing! Saturday we continued with exchanges and went finding more.

Sunday we went to church and FIVE less actives came! It was so cool! All of us sisters were asked to share our testimonies and afterwards a guy in our ward named Aaron spoke. Both his parents were killed in a car accident two weeks ago. He shared that experience and his testimony. The spirit was so strong. He is also so strong and has been able to strengthen our testimonies through his as he has put his trust in the Lord. Later, we found two more people we are going to teach next week! Funny story… I was standing outside our car in the back waiting to help Sister Carlini back up and a car pulled up with two young guys in white shirts and ties. I knew it wasn’t our missionaries because they didn’t have a bike rack (haha) and they didn’t have name tags. One of the guys pulled up his Jehovah Bible and said pointing to it, “yeeeahh?” I quickly held up my Book of Mormon and pointing to it said, “Yeeeahhh!” haha. They were Jehovah’s Witnesses. We had a short chat with them and they went on their way. I think they thought we were their people.

I know this church is true. I believe the statement that “As our testimony in the Atonement grows, our desire to share the gospel will increase.” I believe it with all my heart. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he came to earth to set an example for us and so that he would know how to understand us better! I am so grateful also for FatherImageImages, both my earthly and heavenly fathers. I am so grateful for my dad because of his excellent example of responsibility and concern for his children. He definitely puts his family first. I know my Heavenly Father loves me too, and you as well. It’s hard to imagine the kind of love He has for us sometimes, and we don’t need to dwell on that. All we need to do is allow it to changes us. It is never too late. Listen to this quote:

“Just give it up. Surrender your will to Him. Unconditionally. Withhold nothing. Turn it all over to Him; all your desires, wishes, dreams, and hopes. Be true and faithful in your head and in your heart, not just in your behavior, Trust in Him. Trust Him that knows all things. Trust Him who has all power. Trust Him whose love for you is perfect. Trust Him who alone suffered, paid and atoned for your sins, and for your weaknesses as well. Trust Him that He will make of you immeasurably more than what you will ever, ever in all eternity, make of yourself. He will create of you a masterpiece. You will create of you only a smudge. You will create an ordinary man or women, He will create a God.” 

I know with all my heart that we need to trust in Him. That is the only way to be happy. As we live up to our potential, we will become the person we want to be, the happy, successful child of God that God intended us to become.

I love y’all,

Sister Roberts


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