The Strength of the Lord

Family and Friends,

Hey y’all! Yes, I am working on my southern drawl. haha Well this week was so amazing! I feel so blessed again and know that it is only through the Lord that we can see miracles. So, I didn’t say this last week, but I have a story for y’all. We set a goal to get 36 lessons with members present. Keep in mind, the average is 3 a week. We prayed so much, and exercised so much faith. I don’t think I have had to focus so much on one thing and work so hard. I can say smiling ear to ear that WE GOT IT! 36 EXACTLY!  While preparing and planning for the week, we prayed to be inspired with the number. Through the Holy Ghost, we felt prompted to reach for this number. From this goal, we were able to get 7 new investigators, 3 investigators at church, and set 3 baptismal dates! Instead of going over every thing we did day to day, I want to share a couple experiences that strengthened my faith of the Holy Ghost and its very real effect in our lives.

First. When deciding whether or not to serve a mission one line in my patriarchal blessings always popped out to me about bringing the gospel to the peoples of the world. When receiving my call to serve in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission, I thought I was far from doing that. I was wrong. Two experiences and people that have proved me wrong were Rajab and Flora. We had an Arabic Book of Mormon in our car for a long time because a long time ago someone wanted one but we didn’t have their address. Anyways, we had met Rajab tracting one day and he told us we could come back. He doesn’t speak very much English, so when we returned he had his friend, Madi (a guy), there to help him and who also wanted to learn. I didn’t know what language he spoke, but I had a prompting to grab that ARABIC Book of Mormon. When we got there I asked him what language he speaks, and he said Arabic! AH! I gave it to him and he seemed shocked. We taught an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation and they asked if they could share some of their Muslim beliefs to see how different they were from ours. It was so great and they even came to church! Flora is so amazing. She speaks French and a little English and is from Africa. We met her tracting as well. Coincidentally, there is a guy in our ward who speaks French, so he has been coming with us to translate! Soeur Richardson, you would be so proud of me. I gave out a FRENCH Book of Mormon! Flora is learning English and the gospel, but we are teaching her in French and English! She said that she had been praying to God because she felt really down about being in the States and then we showed up and she felt so much joy and the feeling stayed. She prayed to God again and said, “If these are good people and I should listen to them, send them back!” The next day we came back with our member to share a lesson on the Restoration. She is getting baptized August 10th! To go along with the language, we have also given out CHINESE and SPANISH Book of Mormons! MIRACLES! Image

Second. We tracted into a less-active that hasn’t been to church in 15 years. He is really shy and gets really nervous to be around a lot of people. He said he wasn’t interested, but then he called us the next day to set up a time to meet with us. We talked to him about strength in the Lord and I shared an experience I had in my good old cross-country days when I prayed to the Lord before a race, “Give me the strength that I don’t have that I need” and how I was able to perform better than I was suppose to. With faith nothing is impossible, but many times we really don’t believe or have the faith and therefore nothing can happen. He agreed to come to church which was such a great blessing! So… funny story about this. Yes he came. But he got super super sick and apparently was throwing up non-stop in the bathroom. We weren’t sure if he was just nervous or really sick. He went to the hospital! SAD! A prompting came to one of our members to ask him if he wanted a priesthood blessing. He said YES! We were able to go over to see him in the hospital and the men gave him a blessing! We are praying for him and hope that he is doing well. He told us that we had done so much for him though. We thought “Nope, that’s the spirit!” The spirit is so key in everything we do especially missionary work. Our job is to find out and recognize the promptings of the spirit!

I am really coming to an understanding of the importance of this work and have a deep love for it! IT IS TRUE! No doubt at all. We have to have the faith, and through the strength of the Lord, all things are possible. I can promise that. Mosiah 24:14-16 says that as we stand as witnesses for Him that our burdens will be made light and we will know that He is God. “Be of good comfort, for on the morrow I will deliver you out of bondage (trials).”

Never forget it and who you are. Fear is unworthy of a child of God, therefore faith is the way–the way to reach the potential only Heavenly Father knows we have.

Love y’all and pray lots!

Sister Roberts

P.S. Listen to MoTab’s version of “Come, Ye Children of the Lord”… it’s good 🙂ImageImageImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “The Strength of the Lord

  1. I served in the same mission!! If you are in my area (I only had one…) I would love to give you some referrals! Quail Creek ward?!

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