Image“Sister Anderson is funny!”

Hello dear family and friends!

Well, another amazing week in Norman! I am just going to go through the highlights of the week!

On Tuesday, we took DeVon on a church tour! It was amazing! We ended in the chapel and talked about what he wanted in life and how he could receive answers from God. Then we all knelt right there, and DeVon offered a prayer and asked Heavenly Father what he should do with his life. It was so powerful. Afterwards we just sat there and he finally said a little emotionally, “I feel a lot better.” We told him that was the spirit comforting him. We also stopped by and saw him later in the week and helped him cut fruit for something he was baking for his cousin! AND he came to church for the second time! Funny story going along with DeVon. On Tuesday we kinda had a rough day and so we were a little down, but we were determined to look energized for DeVon’s lesson. And he surprised us with the news that he had read the Book of Mormon! We were so excited and started cheering for him and Sister Anderson all of a sudden chants out M-V-P! haha We all got a laugh out of that, but now have started to use it on everyone who reads! It gets people pumped up I guess! 🙂

On Wednesday, we went to visit some of our potential investigators at an apartment complex, which is also where Ben lives. They weren’t there so we decided to go check on Ben, but he wasn’t there either. A little bummed, we started to pray for guidance and all of a sudden we heard bike tires screeching behind us as though they were going to hit us! In the middle of the prayer, we turned around and saw Ben riding up on his bike! haha We laughed so hard because he didn’t know we were praying until he got close so he was trying to be quiet. We talked to him for a bit and learned more about his hobbies and life. I felt the spirit so strongly because his countenance is so bright! He looks so happy! After our chat with him we went back to check on the potentials and they were home! Miracles!

On Thursday, we showed “Prophet of the Restoration” at the Institute. This was definitely inspired revelation that we had received. Three investigators showed up– Ben, Flora and Randy (Elder’s investigator) as well as many ward members! Flora even brought 2 friends! Everyone loved it and the spirit was so strong!

Friday after District Meeting, President Walkenhorst interviewed us all. He has a lot of really good goals for our mission! Soon to be revealed to ya’ll! 🙂

On Saturday, we met with less active members and we challenged them to start reading the Book of Mormon! It’s going to be awesome! There is such power from starting from chapter 1!

On Sunday, TWO investigators came to church!! M-V-P! haha It was so great and there was a great spirit there. I love this YSA ward. They are so humble and are great member missionaries!

We get to go to the temple this Wednesday! We get to go only twice a year! Everyone that can, go to the temple this week! It’s such a privilege and blessing! I can promise it will give you the strength you need.

From my reading this week, Alma 48:17 is a great one! Although talking about Moroni, we can all apply it, men and women, to our lives. Moroni is a stud!

“Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.”

I love you all!

Sister RobertsImage“It’s so hot, we put our heads in the freezer!”

Image“Sister Main being exactly obedient and not eating in the car!”


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