What “Moore” Can I Say?


Family and Friends,

I am so incredibly grateful for the Gospel and the Spirit. It is truly the best thing in my life. There are so many amazing things that come from living the commandments. Life is beautiful. Well this week was eventful to say the least, so I am just going to start from the beginning.

Monday, after I e-mailed, we went shopping and such. We got a text from Eathen (our military interrogator investigator) that says, “We playing soccer?” We were in shock because he actually wanted to come and hang out with the missionaries. We didn’t end up playing soccer, but we played Around the World and other pool/ping pong games at the Institute with our District… and Eathen. It ended up being way fun, and Eathen had a great time. His heart has definitely been softened. This was a miracle for sure. We also saw Flora that night after FHE. Her Grandpa died this past week and her mom isn’t doing well with that in Africa. BUT she said she is getting baptized but that she had to go to DC on Wednesday and that she would be back in time for the baptism on Saturday.

On Tuesday, we met with Davon and introduced him to family history. I love family history. We got to do some of it on our own time and I found great stuff, so I was pumped to teach him about it! He really seemed to enjoy it, and we’re going to do more with it later. Later that night we went to the Book of Mormon/Bible Study class that the Elders put on at the Stake Center. Eathen came as usual, and we met with him afterwards. Brother Bittle (2nd counselor in the Bishopric) came to the lesson as well. We talked about the Spirit and His role in the Godhead. It was a powerful lesson. We read from Alma 22 where the King is praying and says that he will forsake all his sins to know God. We boldly challenged Eathen to forsake all his sins, and then promised him that he will get an answer if God is there. He agreed, which is a big deal because he says he won’t make a promise he won’t keep. (That’s good!) But anyways, it was a really spiritual lesson that I will never forget. I can’t ever deny the Spirit that was there.

Wednesday we met with Aaron and Biggs and taught the Plan of Salvation. It went well. They seemed to “agree” with all of it, except the Fall. It was good though and they agreed to come to Flora’s baptism on Saturday.

On Thursday we went up to the city for the “New Missionary Meeting.” This is for all the newbies after their first transfer, so it was Sister Anderson’s. It was great. President Walkenhorst trained us about a lot of different things. He really focused on moving on. He always says, “If you’re not happy, fix it! Don’t sit in your sorrows; repent or change and move on!” I love his positive attitude! The Assistants to the President, Elder Fee and Hanes, also gave great training on Companion Studies. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Hobb’s home. James Hobbs is one of our YSAs, and his dad is in the Stake Presidency. James is going to Rio Brazil in November on his mission!

On Friday we had a great District Meeting. We went to do our “mormon.org” time which is when we get an hour to explore the church websites. I chose to explore FamilySearch. I read from my ancestor William Greenwood’s journal online and was inspired. He was rejected by his family, and his brother chased him out of the house with a horsewhip when he decided to join the Church. William said that keeping the commandments meant more to him than anything. I felt a connection to my ancestors that day and hope that I can make them proud as I proclaim the Gospel that they gave their lives for! Also… we called Flora. She was going to be interviewed for baptism that day and so we were pumped! But, she called us and said she was stuck in DC. NOOOOO! We were so sad but we prayed and said, “Thy will be done.” This is an important lesson I have learned on my mission. So more about Flora’s big situation. She is stuck in her embassy until today when the judge is either going to deport her back to Gabon or let her stay. According to our wise attorney WML Brother Nielson, that is bad news and probably means her visa is up. So… we may lose her. šŸ˜¦

Saturday, luckily the Norman 4th Ward Elders had a baptism. Miracle of the day: Aaron, Biggs, Davon AND Eathen all came! It was incredible! Eathen even came in a 3-piece tux and his hipster glasses! What the!? All of them liked it! The baptism was a dad and his two sons so it was so great! Grandma Jeanne, I also saw Stephen Beus, who is in that ward! For those of you that don’t know, Stephen Beus was my piano teacher at UVU and is an amazing pianist. He moved to Norman to teach at OU. So it was a total coincidence! Small world! After the baptism we met with Davon to discuss his baptism. He said he knows the church is good and true, but he is scared to tell his parents. We taught him the Ten Commandments and about the Sabbath Day. He said, “Well I guess I will need to change my work schedule.” STUD! His birthday was also this past week. He said he asked for a shirt and got a car. hahaha We all got a kick out of that.

Sunday, we went to ward council and church. All the returning students were there so that was fun! Everyone was looking very dressed up and special for the new ward/year šŸ˜‰ It is a singles a ward! haha We had dinner with two girls from the ward that night that are amazing too! Then we had….TRANSFER CALLS. We video taped it, so I will post all these videos after my mission because they are hilarious. Elder Wells started with us, the Sisters… “Sister Main you are staying, Sister Anderson you are staying, Sister Roberts you are LEAVING! Oh my! You are going to MOORE!” A little bit about Moore: It is the famous tornado destroyed area. We will split the ward (Moore 1st Ward) with the APs (Elder Hanes and Fee). Moore is considered up in “the city” AND my companion is……SISTER COOPER! She was in the MTC with me. I was SOOOO beyond excited for this because I love her so much and we get along so great! Sister Main used to be in Moore so she told me that it is the best area. Craziest thing happened earlier that day when I was sitting at my study desk after lunch writing in my journal thinking about transfers. All of a sudden I heard a voice in my head that said, “You are going to Moore with Sister Cooper.” In my head I asked, “Really?” and it replied, “Yes.” And then it happened! Oh my, what a cool experience! I am so sad to leave Norman, but excited for the new adventure ahead! This time next week I will be in Moore, Oklahoma. I am so sad to leave my beloved Norman; I will miss all the investigators and members! I am serving in the best YSA ward ever! But I prayed to have peace about it all and I have been given an overwhelming feeling of peace! I know it’s right. It’s a big important area and I know God is trusting me with this. I love Him and I love this Gospel. I am thankful for the direction and comfort the Spirit provides every day. Feast upon the scriptures, council with Lord and the Spirit will direct you!

I love y’all! Love me some Moooore!

Sister Roberts



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