“Moore Miracles”

Family and Friends,

Well… I am here in Moore with the one and only Sister Cooper! It has been the longest week ever, probably because I have been in two areas in one week. Before I left Norman, there was good news and bad news. First the good news… we set a baptismal date with BEN! It was the greatest miracle for my last day there! The bad news is about Flora. She is getting deported back to Africa because of complications with her visa. President Walkenhorst said that she could still get baptized before she left, but after the transfer apparently. We couldn’t get a hold of her and she isn’t responding. ūüė¶ Saddest thing ever! I still feel a lot of peace that the situation is in the Lord’s hands. We also¬†got dropped by Aaron and Biggs. Funny story there. They¬†tried to bash us (I think they had read anti-Mormon material)! The member who came with us was so upset afterwards (he didn’t say anything during),¬†told us that¬†he had wanted to say, “Listen up punk! The Church is freakin’ true!” hahaha! Thank goodness he didn’t say that, but it was funny! We had dinner at the Bittles, which¬†made it¬†a great last night in Moore!

So now for the updates and intros for Moore. First off, my comp! Sister Cooper is from Wyoming. She played college basketball in Wyoming and actually RUNS WITH ME! Yay! She is hilarious and her 20th birthday is next week! Her younger brother is serving a mission in Tempe Arizona. She is great and we have a lot of fun. So, about Moore…this area was opened for Sisters last January, so it’s fairly new.¬†It’s called “North Moore”. We also cover the Midwest City Singles Branch, so I am again in a singles ward haha! I love that age group, and I love how missionary minded they are! We have a lot of investigators, but a couple solids. Doug, Gaelle and¬†Axel are singles. Gaelle and Axel are friends of Flora’s, so I think it’s pretty neat that we get to teach them! I will go more in depth on them in the coming weeks as we continue working with them. Other investigators that we have in Moore are the Nira’s (Nee-da’s), a couple who are SO SOLID! They have been taking the lessons since March. They are trying to pick a baptismal date right now. We had a great lesson at the Goelz home (members) where we answered the Nira’s questions and taught them about fasting. They decided they are going to fast about their baptismal date. We also visted CiCi, Maxine, and¬†Chester. I still don’t know everyone, but I am trying to learn fast! We tracted so much this week it was crazy…and this week was not a cool Oklahoma week. Lots of blisters and sweat!¬†Tracting homes is hard especially if you tract all day and no one talks to you. It’s a great learning/growing experience though, and I know that the Lord is with us. Our area is struggling with member missionary work, so we are praying for ideas and ways we can help get the work moving. The tornado really took a toll on this area as well, but we know that missionary work brings forth blessings! It’s going to be a great transfer! I LOVE THE WORK!

Thank you for all your love and support! Spread the word (Gospel!!)

Sister Roberts

P.S., Sister Coop made a rap for me (this describes her perfectly)

“Sister Mac,

Dressed in black,

runnin’ the streets day and night,

showin’ people the way to light,

this is a rap don’tcha know,

we cant wait to tract in snow.”


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