Moore Happiness!

ImageThe OKC South Zone

Family and Friends!

Hello! We are e-mailing today because the library was closed yesterday for the holiday. We had a super fun p-day though. We played volleyball all morning at the Starns (members in the ward), then we played soccer with the zone later. That night, we had a Zone Specialized Training Meeting (STM), which is where the Zone Leaders do a training. It was great…they had a new member come and share her testimony of the Holy Ghost’s role in her conversion. She had an amazing story.

ImageLabor Day Volleyball at the Starns (with a broom? idk where that came from)!

Well, the week went great! I am getting more familiar with the area. Thank goodness! The Nira’s (I talked about them last week) fasted and decided they want to be baptized on December 7th…it’s a ways out, but hey, we can work with that! We read in 1 Nephi with them this week.

Doug (one of the YSAs) is on a roll. Every lesson, he is like, “Was that all?” He is so open and hungry for the Gospel.

Gaelle (Flora’s friend) is doing great too! She came to church this week and pulled us and a member aside after church a little frustrated and told us she wants to learn how to pray in English better (she’s a native French speaker). We had a short lesson on what prayer is and what we can. She said the prayer at the end and it was a-maz-ing! She and I were talking at Break the Fast (lunch after fast Sunday), and she said that she feels a lot of love and peace here. I told her that she was feeling the Spirit! In Relief Society, they have a little “nice note” basket in which you can put notes to other RS members, and Gaelle got 5! She was like, “I guess I’m loved!”…AND SHE IS! The members are doing such a great job fellowshipping her! Our Moore 1st Ward members are doing great too! The Goelz family had a non-member family, us and the Elders over for dinner and a message!

We also have a few new investigators (Charly, Paula, and Penny). They are all family ward investigators. We actually just met with Penny today for the first time! She is so prepared. She’s had a rough past, but says she looks for anything positive and peaceful and that Jesus is the power that helps her change. She accepted the invitation to be baptized in a couple weeks, too! AH! Paula also accepted after we taught her the Restoration lesson. She said, “If people don’t think there should be living prophets on the earth today, they don’t know their Bible” hahaha. Charly is a man we found who has cancer. He is sick a lot, but the first lesson went great as well! I’ll update y’all on that more as they progress. My heart is so full! I talked to the sisters in Norman this week and for those of you who remember Ben, he came to church and asked what Home Teachers are (the elders quorum lesson) and wants them! Apparently he is doing great!

Funny story, or “bible belt bash,” of the week. One night tracting, we had a pretty unsuccessful night. One person talked to us in the 3 hours we were out there. One lady yelled at my face about how she doesn’t worship “John Smith.” I thought…”Me neither!” hahaha Then, another guy asked Sister Cooper, “Is Jesus God?” and she answered, “Well we know He is the Son of God, but-” (he interrupted) “Well who told you that lie?” “The Bible,” she replied. That through him for a loop. He told us to get off his property and to not talk to his neighbors or he’d drive us away. haha…oh dear.

I love this Gospel. I love sharing it! We see so many miracles that confirm to me that God is there. He lives and loves us and has a hand in our lives. The Gospel just makes me so happy; it makes sense and as my testimony has grown, my desire to share it increases as well!

Mosiah 5:2

Love y’all!

Sister Roberts

P.S. The tornado clean up is pretty close to finished. We don’t do it anymore. There are a lot of ward members that moved because their homes were destroyed.

ImageMe eating squirrel!




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