I Love the Lord!

Family and friends,

Hey y’all! Well another good week here to report on! I am so grateful for the support I feel from you all and my Heavenly Father. I love learning a little bit more every day how I feel the Spirit and how to recognize it. Miracles sure abounded this week in Moore!

Tuesday after the last e-mail, Sister Goelz came out teaching with us and we taught Charly (the man with cancer), Doug, Jimmy and Audrey. We had a good lesson with Charly about the Plan of Salvation. With Doug, we reviewed the Restoration, taught the Law of Chastity and about following the Prophets. We gave him three talks along with scriptures to read for next week’s lesson, and he asked, “Is this it?” what. a. champ. He is soaking everything in! I love it! His baptism is in 2 weeks! Jimmy and Audrey were actually former investigators that dropped the sisters last transfer. We went to check on them, and they let us teach them and told us they had still been studying the Book of Mormon! Wow!

On Wednesday, we met with some less active sisters. Later we saw Axle and had to drop him, 😦 but…we left it in his hands. We told him to call us when he is ready to make an effort. He said he just doesn’t want to put anything into it right now. So…we’ll see!

Thursday’s highlights were lessons with the Nira’s and Chester. We read the Book of Mormon in both lessons. We were even reading the Isaiah chapters and they wanted to keep going!

On Friday, we went on exchanges! I went to Noble with Sister Pfister. We biked to visit a lot of older ladies and had dinner with the Roberts! We joked about how we must be family! Noble is so peaceful and small! Saturday we re-exchanged and tracted.

Sunday was Sister Cooper’s birthday (the big 2-0)! We went to Ward Council and Elder Hanes and I gave talks in Sacrament Meeting along with a guy leaving on his mission! Total investigators there (both ours and the Elders’) were: 12!! It was a huge deal because the Elders haven’t had any in a while and a whole investigator family came! Among ours were the Nira’s, Chester, Zach & Jessie (part member fam). Then we went to the singles’ ward where we had 2 more investigators–Doug and a new investigator named Jaron! We had a great lesson about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon with Jaron right after Sacrament Meeting. Jaron had come last week and came again! He said he liked this church “because you can tell everyone here wants to be here!” Later, we had dinner at the Ketchie’s home with the Shaws (the investigator family) and the Elders! It was great! I felt the spirit so strongly yesterday! So many miracles and amazing people! We taught one of our new investigators, Jazmine (11 year old girl), and we read with her. She kept wanting to read even though she said she didn’t understand anything! haha She is so cute! We tracted all night and visited with Maxine and her husband, Bryson (older investigator couple). We asked them how they developed faith in Jesus Christ. When Maxine said that her mother was strong in her faith, the Spirit prompted me to talk about the 2,000 sons of Helaman and how their mothers had taught them. We read that and talked about the influence we can have on others by sharing our faith. We talked about how by coming to church we can share those experiences. They said they would come next week! YAY! Then we knocked into a 90-year-old lady named Grace. We said that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and she said, “Oh, in that case, come in! Anyone representing His name is welcome in my house!” We sat on her peaceful back porch with the crickets chirping and fireflies lighting the yard as she told us about her husband who had passed away during their 50s. She said, “When I get up to heaven, I am going to say to him: Why’d you have to leave me!” haha She was adorable. She talked to us about the wars, the Dust Bowl and how things used to be. She said she is really into her church, but we offered a prayer with her and gave her a big hug!

I am so grateful for the people in the world who are kind and live a Christ-like life! Driving home that night, I pondered what being Christ-like is and how we can develop those attributes. He has shown us the way to develop them and has given us the tools! I love the perfect example that Christ set. He is my Savior and I love Him. And like we talked about with Maxine and Bryson, I want to be a person about whom people say, “I know she knows it!”  As I challenged in my talk, If you love this Gospel, then share it; if you do not know it’s true yet, find out!

I love y’all! Have a GREAT WEEK!

Sister Roberts


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