Honey & Fruitcake!


The hardest part of the e-mails is starting them! I think I always say, “SO ANOTHER GREAT WEEK!” Well…what can I say, they are great weeks! 🙂

But, seriously great week…we have 9 new investigators! They were just coming out of nowhere! It was awesome!

Moore Miracles from the week:

So, I don’t remember if I told this story, but there was a guy named Jaron who waltzed into Sacrament Meeting (fast and testimony meeting), bore his testimony and said how he could tell that we all want to actually be there! Anyway, we started teaching him! He has LOTS of questions and is “chewin’ on it all” as he says (which means “I’m pondering over it” in Okie). So, the third time we met with him, we invited one his roommates to join; her name is Kel. She is soooo great! She accepted a baptismal invitation for October 12th and came to church! She loved it when we told her that she is a daughter of God! She is 18 and just moved out on her own, and a former co-worker, Corbin, offered to have her live in their house. So Corbin, Jaron, Kel and Corbin’s blind dad all live there. It’s like a big family. Corbin and Jaron are both in the military. Corbin is less active and told Jaron to go to church the first time he went. Corbin’s dad is active apparently! They all live in Del City, so we go there a lot now! We also met with Brooklyn! Brooklyn has sooo many questions. The lesson this week consisted of her telling us things she opposes in the Book of Mormon. Oh dear! Doug is doing fabulous! His baptism is still scheduled for the 28th! Last week, we gave him the Conference issue of the Ensign and gave him 3 talks to read, but he read the WHOLE THING! Our jaws dropped. He also gave it to his roommate to read. He is such a good missionary already! He is already inviting people to his baptism and wants a calling! Another Moore miracle is Gage. He was a referral from the Midwest City sisters, and we had a really hard time getting a hold of him. We finally met with him, and he loved the message! He had already read a couple chapters from the Book of Mormon! The sad thing is that he is moving to Guthrie which is not in our ward, so the other singles ward sisters in Edmond will be teaching him! We asked him to pray about the Restoration, but he responded with, “I believe you..” We were like, “Great! Pray about it, too!” We also found a cute little family that we are going back to teach tonight! Funny story of the week: One of the less active sisters is a total hippie. She was telling us about the longest lasting foods: honey and fruitcake. She told us to store them up for the zombie apocalypse. Yeah…

Thought/challenge of the week: Watch the Mormon Message (on lds.org) called “Deep Beauty.” This morning, I was studying what it means to be a Child of God. Romans 8:16 states it best as it says, “The spirit itself beareth witness with our spirits that we are the children of God.” I don’t think we really stop and think about what that means. We are literally spirit children of God with the divine potential to become like our Father. We have worth and purpose. We are loved, cared for and watched over. He rejoices with us when we succeed and cries with us when we are sad. We can communicate with Him through sincere prayer. That knowledge brings me much peace and gives me the boost I need to do His work. I love what Elder Russell M Nelson said: “Who are we? We are children of God. Our potential is unlimited. Our inheritance is sacred.” 

I love y’all!

Sister Roberts

P.S. Thanks for the e-mails and letters everyone! I will be better about giving shout-outs! 


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