“If It’s Not Eternal, Forget It!”


Hello everyone!

Happy Halloween! We’re not allowed to tract on Halloween night… I wonder why!? ūüėČ Well, this week we had some pretty sweet miracles. Monday evening we had dinner with Sister Sutton and her friend Karen. Karen is deaf but reads lips really well. Karen made us all dinner. She is so great! We watched “The Restoration” after and talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We promised her we would learn “I Am A Child Of God” in ASL for our next visit in a couple weeks. (SISTER SMACK I NEED HELP! haha) We also had a good lesson with Brother Robinson our newly found less active. We are going over the lessons again with him and we taught the Restoration this week. He really loves it all and has such a strong desire to be close with God. We also saw Kel who is doing well. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom, and she surprised us again by saying, “I would love to keep the Word of Wisdom!” She said she’s heard of not doing all this stuff, but never religiously and she said it all made sense! Jessie is also doing well, and we planned her baptism, which is on November 9th! Her Uncle is baptizing her, and she asked Elder Henderson to confirm her! She is still loving her children’s Book of Mormon and reading it! YAY! We had a good lesson with the Niras where we taught them Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, etc.) They are both still set on their baptism date of December 7th¬†and guess what… it’s coming up!!

On Friday we had Zone Conference in Quail Creek (North OKC). President Walkenhorst is the best. He talked about the blessings of obedience and repentance. It was all so applicable to our missions, and I learned a ton! The APs and Zone Leaders also did training that was good. Then that night, we had the ward chili cook off/ trunk-or-treat party combined with the OKC 2nd ward. It was sooo¬†fun! SO MANY less actives came! IT WAS AMAZING! A whole LA family came and the dad thought no one would talk to him, but he was pleasantly surprised when everyone talked to him and he had fun! The OKC 2nd ward Elders also gave us one of their investigators named Kristena who should be going to the singles ward. Kristena is really really shy, but Sister Law and I got her to chat with us for almost the whole evening. She is a photography major at OCCC. Sister Ott and Sister Stewart¬†(OKC 2nd Ward sister missionaries)¬†set up their own trunk for the trunk-or-treat. Sister Ott is…hilarious. She sat inside the trunk and made the kids knock on it. Then she would say, “I am the genie of this trunk. What is your wish? Candy?” (in a scary voice) hahaha! She is a goof. It was a great night. Saturday we had a lesson with a woman we tracted into named Fran. She is great and she accepted to pray and read the Book of Mormon. We also had a lesson with Kristena and the Elders on testimony. It went well! Then Morgan, one of our YSAs that came to Kristena’s lesson, Sister Law and I went to Ihop for dinner. ahhhh yeaah! It was the best!

Sunday was awesome because Erick and Dancing Feathers came to church with their 5 kids!!! It was amazing and they promised they’d be back next week! We are going to see them and talk with them about the Plan of Salvation on Thursday ūüôā Kristena also came to the singles branch with us AND Kel AND Doug! It was a good day! Sister Law and I taught Gospel Principles (Sunday School) too!

Image¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Sister Ott isn’t trunky, she’s trunk or treating! And the rest of the District!

I am so grateful for this chance I have to be a missionary! I say it every week and I will say it forever! I feel so blessed. I was reading this morning in Matthew 19 where it talks about the young man who asks Jesus what he needs to do to have eternal life. Jesus tells him to keep the commandments. The young man asks which ones? Then Jesus says all of them. The young man continues by saying that he has been keeping all of them since he was young, what more can he do? Then Jesus says to give all he has to the poor and follow him. Then the young man goes away sorrowfully, as the scriptures say, because he had great possessions. The Spirit taught me a lot from this. I applied it to a mission…growing up doing what you’re suppose to do, then asking God what more you can do. Then he answers, “Serve a mission.” I don’t think most people who hear this go away sorrowfully, but applying it to our day to day life, how often do we not give all our heart and priorities to the Lord? I reflected on my life before my mission and saw many ways I can improve on my priorities. How often does the Lord ask us not to give up “all our possessions,” but to go visiting teaching or home teaching, to accept a calling, to be worthy of a temple recommend, to go to church, to pay tithing, to read the scriptures every day, to pray, or to give up our time for others or Him. He does ask us to do some things, but are these things really worth not doing and giving up our chance to live with Him and have eternal life? No. Growing up, I saw a quote hanging on a member of our ward’s entry that read, “If it’s not eternal, forget it!” I love that. He’s not asking for perfection, but progression. Pick something you can do today to be a more consecrated disciple of Jesus Christ. I am, and at our Zone Conference, President Walkenhorst gave simple¬†but wise counsel…. repentance brings happiness!

I love you all and am so grateful for your amazing examples to me!

Much love,

Sister Roberts

ImageTaking the mission van to zone conference!


“Rise and Shout!”


Hello everyone!

First off, shout out to my Dad for getting the BYU JOB!! ¬†My family is moving to Utah! So, yet again, I will be going home to an unknown place. haha! At least Provo doesn’t feel too foreign! And for the record… that is probably the only time [my e-mail title] you will see me singing the BYU song. hahaha jk!

Well this week was great! I hit¬†my 5-month mark and time is seriously flying. It doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 already.

On Tuesday, we had lunch at a less-active family’s house-the Edmunds. The Dad and son live there. They are from a local Indian Tribe. Then we taught Kel the Law of Tithing and Fasting. When we extended the commitment she said, “I’d love to!!!” haha That is the first time I’ve heard that after tithing. But she is so faithful! Then we went to see a referral named Erick. He lives way up North in our area. We took¬†Bonnie, one of our singles, with us. It was a miracle. This guy is golden. He accepted to be baptized in November and said that he wants this for his 5 children. He is only 22, so he has his hands full. His fiance’s name is Dancing Feathers… cool huh!? We met her too another night and she is super nice!

On Wednesday, we went to the new missionary training meeting with President Walkenhorst and had a great lesson with Brother Robinson afterwards. He is so great and is begging the Bishop for a calling. He is the man from Missouri who lost contact with the church when he moved here and is now way excited that we found him. We also had a great lesson with Jessie. She read a lot of the Children’s Book of Mormon over the week, and her favorite story was of Ammon and King Lamoni (mine too!).

On Thursday, we had a good lesson with Chester and Julie. When we started talking about the story of Ammon and the faith of King Lamoni, Julie got really excited and told the whole story of the 2,000 Stripling Warriors. Julie is a member who is engaged to Chester, our investigator. It was really great to see her get so animated about the story.

Friday, we had District Meeting and then visited with a new family in the ward who just moved from Mississippi. It’s a grandma and 5 teenagers! It was pouring rain, so we went to check on less actives and couldn’t find anyone except an angry elderly woman who bashed us because we don’t have a cross hanging in the church. It was quite the night, but we agreed again that it is a testimony builder for sure to be able to stand up for Christ and testify of Him and the Gospel. When I defend Him and His restored Gospel, an added measure of faith and charity is given to me, and I literally feel strengthened.

Saturday, we tracted all afternoon. We met a couple of potentials. One woman, Linda, is a preacher, and we shared with her the account of the first vision and gave her a Book of Mormon. She wasn’t interested in learning more right then, but at the end of our visit, she cried and hugged us and said, “There should be more people in the world going out and talking about Jesus.” Later, I pondered what she said and couldn’t agree more. We don’t have to go out knocking on doors to proclaim the everlasting Gospel. We can talk about it with our family, friends and neighbors. The Lord worked “one by one,” and He wants us to do the same. When we are baptized, we promise God that we are going to stand up for Him at ALL times and in ALL things and in ALL places. That doesn’t mean to¬†just¬†defend when people argue, but to exemplify His attributes, to live and be an example, and to open our mouths at ALL times and in ALL things and in ALL places about our Savior Jesus Christ. People¬†say¬†all the time that we¬†don’t worship Jesus¬†Christ. I¬†smile as I look at my¬†name tag which boldly says “Jesus Christ.”¬†I have come to develop such a love for this work which is Christ’s work. I know I say it all the time, but this church is true. It is really Christ’s church restored on the earth. The only way to true happiness is through Christ and following His example. Share the gospel with a friend this week, post something on Facebook about the church, or if you aren’t a member of the LDS church check out mormon.org! This is what we as missionaries share every day!

He lives and loves us!

Love y’all,

Sister Roberts

“…declare the word according to the truth which is in Christ…..I have declared it all my days, and have rejoiced in it above that of the world.” ¬†

Enos 1:26

Raining Blessings

Family and friends!

So Columbus Day meant closed library, so we got to e-mail today! The week has been good! Although it’s been pouring rain, Heavenly Father has been blessing us a ton! Fall is finally here in OKC!¬† When it rains here it pours. I am in heaven, although this is the second/minor tornado season. AH! Funny memory from last tornado season…once when the sirens went off and we were told to go to the shelters, my trainer grabbed this huge bag of journals. I just knew it was the end of the world if¬†what she grabbed was journals….sister missionary’s journals are precious! hahaha

Sister Law is doing amazing, and despite the crazies we run into she stands strong! This past week we went through each of our investigators and had to “drop” (stop visiting) some because they were either bashing us or not keeping commitments. It was hard, but I know the Lord is preparing others for us to meet! We can just feel it! Miracles include: Jaron is in Dallas for a month doing a job training, so we had a lesson over the phone which actually went really well. We saw Kel and she says she wants to get baptized in May… haha long time away, but we will keep working with her! Doug is still doing amazing! We talked about the priesthood this week. He got a blessing from the Branch President last week and said it blew his mind! The Priesthood is amazing!!! The Nira’s lesson went well! We discussed the Plan of Salvation. They are both getting excited for their baptism in a month and a half! We took a children’s Book of Mormon over to Jessie and read a little with her. At the end, we asked if she would read a couple more chapters before our next meeting, and she said, “I’ll probably just read the whole book.” haha sweet! On the flip side, we had some rough lessons with Brooklyn and Chester. We have been teaching Brooklyn for a month or so. She politely argues with us, but we saw some potential. Then this last time, she only read Bible verses to us and tried to tell us that we are false prophets and teachers. Oh dear. We just had to smile and end the lesson. Those lessons can be frustrating, but Sister Law and I discussed it after and agreed that our testimonies were strengthened through it all, and we felt so much peace and strength! I love this work! I feel so blessed to be the Lord’s servant and to be able to witness these many miracles here in Oklahoma City.

I have been pondering our STM Specialized Training Meeting by our Zone leaders last night. They talked about the Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) and how it applies to us on our missions and in life! It is everything! As we develop faith in Jesus Christ we trust Him and want to become more like Him. This leads us to repent, change and improve ourselves so that our will aligns with God’s.¬†Baptism washes away our sins and shows Christ that we want to follow Him more fully. When we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, strive to be worthy of it and endure to the end, we come closer to Christ and that’s when the Atonement can really take effect in our lives! This whole concept is simple, and deeply powerful! Proverbs 29:18 says (they changed the words a little), “Where there is no [purpose] the people perish: but he that [lives] the [Doctrine of Christ], happy is he!”

I love you all!

Sister Roberts


ImageSister Roberts and Flora–happy reunion!

Family and Friends,

First off, THANK YOU sooo much for the birthday greetings, packages and letters! WOW! I felt so loved! This week was pretty crazy! Wednesday was transfer day! My new companion/daughter/greenie is SISTER LAW! She is from Syracuse, Utah and went to Utah State for two years before the mission. She is the best! GO GREENIE!

ImageSister Roberts and new companion, Sister Law!

Doug is doing well. We met with him last Friday and read Mosiah 24 with him. He will probably be getting baptized in December, so until then we are going to read and finish the Book of Mormon!

Gaelle should be getting baptized in the next couple weeks! She was really excited to meet Sister Law!

We found out Jaron is leaving for 5 weeks to Texas for job training!! Dang! So we are going to keep texting him scriptures every day and keep in touch until he gets back.

We had a lot of appointments fall through this week which was a bummer, but I know that the Lord will help us this week!

We did run into a lady named Emma. When I was down in Norman we volunteered at an old folks’ home playing Bingo with them, and Emma was the activities coordinator there. She quit, moved to Moore and now lives right next to us! It’s so meant to be. She is interested in learning more about the church. She is now working at a¬†home for the disabled and apparently a lot of the residents there don’t have any family and are really depressed. So Sister Law and I said that we would get some missionaries to come sing to them and visit…she was THRILLED!

ImageMackenzie’s¬†District at the church to watch General Conference!

ImageSister Roberts and Sister Stewart between conference sessions!

CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING! I hope y’all got to watch it all! Everyone was so inspired, and I know that the messages were exactly what Heavenly Father wanted us to hear. I really appreciated Elder Holland’s talk especially when he spoke about mental illnesses and the resurrection. It touched me because it reminded me of that day when we will be able to talk to Michael and he will be able to talk with us. The talks were all good and I’m excited to read them again! I know the Church is true! It changes lives and I am so grateful to be part of this work. My challenge to all reading this is to strive to look for missionary opportunities. We can’t do it alone! The missionaries need the members just as the investigators and members need the missionaries! Pray for missionary miracles in your life. If you ask in faith you will get them! Mormon 9:19-21…

19. And if there were miracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles.

20. And the reason why he ceaseth to do miracles among the children of men is because that they dwindle in unbelief, and depart from the right way, and know not the God in whom they should trust.

21. Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.

Then, the most important part is to act on the promptings you receive! Spread the good news that has brought you so much happiness! I love you all and am so grateful for the good examples I have in my life!


Sister Roberts

Baptized and Beaming!


Hello!! How is everyone!? I am good. This week was craaazy! There is a lot of crime here in Moore, and I am staying (shocker!) and training a new missionary. Sister Cooper is going to Edmond to serve up at the UCO YSA! T-minus two days until I meet my little newbie! I am so excited!

The most exciting news from the week was FLORA’S BAPTISM! Ah…it was beautiful! She was beaming!¬†She was so giddy after she got out of the water! We got permission to drive down to Norman and I was overjoyed! It is moments like these that give you a glimpse of heaven. The Spirit was so strong! (I will send pics, but I forgot my camera cord today)

We had a great Trainers’ Meeting with President Walkenhorst. We had amazing lessons with both Kel and Jaron this week and even set a baptismal date for Jaron!! Also, Brother Nira decided he wants to be baptized with his wife after we watched the Restoration video with them.

A miracle from the week was on Friday when we were walking down the street of a neighborhood up north. There was a little old toothless African American man walking the other way towards us. I approached him to give him a pass along card, and he looked up at us smiling and said, “You’re Sisters! I am a Brother! My name is Eker Robinson, and I was baptized in Missouri five years ago and haven’t been able to find the church!” He lives at an old folks home and doesn’t have a car.¬†He said that if we found him a ride, he would be ready extra early!¬†So we found Brother Robinson a ride to church, and he came in his suit and tie, introduced himself to the Bishop, transferred his records over,¬†and commented and introduced himself in Sunday School! Stud! We are going to visit him this week!

The Relief Society Broadcast was amazing! Sister Nira came and loved it! I especially loved President Monson’s talk on prayer. I love how he started by saying, “I plead with you to remember prayer.” Two important words: plead and remember. How often do we, when in good or bad times, forget to tell our Heavenly Father what’s up? He also said, “Peace is that which we seek; He will be there for us if we but ask. God answers prayers.” One topic that crossed my mind this week was testimonies and how much we are strengthened through others’ testimonies. I have felt the Spirit so strongly as members, missionaries, and investigators share what they know or believe! So, if you are reading this, I would love to hear yours! (No, this is not a trick to get more mail–ha!)¬†Share your¬†testimony, how you developed it or your conversion story!¬†Converts and investigators love hearing these things!

416 SW 79th St., Ste. 210

OKC, OK 73139

Thanks for all your love and support!


Sister Roberts

“Out of all the titles of respect and honor given to Deity, He has asked us to address Him as Father.”

Heavenly Father loves you!