Baptized and Beaming!


Hello!! How is everyone!? I am good. This week was craaazy! There is a lot of crime here in Moore, and I am staying (shocker!) and training a new missionary. Sister Cooper is going to Edmond to serve up at the UCO YSA! T-minus two days until I meet my little newbie! I am so excited!

The most exciting news from the week was FLORA’S BAPTISM! Ah…it was beautiful! She was beaming! She was so giddy after she got out of the water! We got permission to drive down to Norman and I was overjoyed! It is moments like these that give you a glimpse of heaven. The Spirit was so strong! (I will send pics, but I forgot my camera cord today)

We had a great Trainers’ Meeting with President Walkenhorst. We had amazing lessons with both Kel and Jaron this week and even set a baptismal date for Jaron!! Also, Brother Nira decided he wants to be baptized with his wife after we watched the Restoration video with them.

A miracle from the week was on Friday when we were walking down the street of a neighborhood up north. There was a little old toothless African American man walking the other way towards us. I approached him to give him a pass along card, and he looked up at us smiling and said, “You’re Sisters! I am a Brother! My name is Eker Robinson, and I was baptized in Missouri five years ago and haven’t been able to find the church!” He lives at an old folks home and doesn’t have a car. He said that if we found him a ride, he would be ready extra early! So we found Brother Robinson a ride to church, and he came in his suit and tie, introduced himself to the Bishop, transferred his records over, and commented and introduced himself in Sunday School! Stud! We are going to visit him this week!

The Relief Society Broadcast was amazing! Sister Nira came and loved it! I especially loved President Monson’s talk on prayer. I love how he started by saying, “I plead with you to remember prayer.” Two important words: plead and remember. How often do we, when in good or bad times, forget to tell our Heavenly Father what’s up? He also said, “Peace is that which we seek; He will be there for us if we but ask. God answers prayers.” One topic that crossed my mind this week was testimonies and how much we are strengthened through others’ testimonies. I have felt the Spirit so strongly as members, missionaries, and investigators share what they know or believe! So, if you are reading this, I would love to hear yours! (No, this is not a trick to get more mail–ha!) Share your testimony, how you developed it or your conversion story! Converts and investigators love hearing these things!

416 SW 79th St., Ste. 210

OKC, OK 73139

Thanks for all your love and support!


Sister Roberts

“Out of all the titles of respect and honor given to Deity, He has asked us to address Him as Father.”

Heavenly Father loves you!


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