Raining Blessings

Family and friends!

So Columbus Day meant closed library, so we got to e-mail today! The week has been good! Although it’s been pouring rain, Heavenly Father has been blessing us a ton! Fall is finally here in OKC!  When it rains here it pours. I am in heaven, although this is the second/minor tornado season. AH! Funny memory from last tornado season…once when the sirens went off and we were told to go to the shelters, my trainer grabbed this huge bag of journals. I just knew it was the end of the world if what she grabbed was journals….sister missionary’s journals are precious! hahaha

Sister Law is doing amazing, and despite the crazies we run into she stands strong! This past week we went through each of our investigators and had to “drop” (stop visiting) some because they were either bashing us or not keeping commitments. It was hard, but I know the Lord is preparing others for us to meet! We can just feel it! Miracles include: Jaron is in Dallas for a month doing a job training, so we had a lesson over the phone which actually went really well. We saw Kel and she says she wants to get baptized in May… haha long time away, but we will keep working with her! Doug is still doing amazing! We talked about the priesthood this week. He got a blessing from the Branch President last week and said it blew his mind! The Priesthood is amazing!!! The Nira’s lesson went well! We discussed the Plan of Salvation. They are both getting excited for their baptism in a month and a half! We took a children’s Book of Mormon over to Jessie and read a little with her. At the end, we asked if she would read a couple more chapters before our next meeting, and she said, “I’ll probably just read the whole book.” haha sweet! On the flip side, we had some rough lessons with Brooklyn and Chester. We have been teaching Brooklyn for a month or so. She politely argues with us, but we saw some potential. Then this last time, she only read Bible verses to us and tried to tell us that we are false prophets and teachers. Oh dear. We just had to smile and end the lesson. Those lessons can be frustrating, but Sister Law and I discussed it after and agreed that our testimonies were strengthened through it all, and we felt so much peace and strength! I love this work! I feel so blessed to be the Lord’s servant and to be able to witness these many miracles here in Oklahoma City.

I have been pondering our STM Specialized Training Meeting by our Zone leaders last night. They talked about the Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) and how it applies to us on our missions and in life! It is everything! As we develop faith in Jesus Christ we trust Him and want to become more like Him. This leads us to repent, change and improve ourselves so that our will aligns with God’s. Baptism washes away our sins and shows Christ that we want to follow Him more fully. When we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, strive to be worthy of it and endure to the end, we come closer to Christ and that’s when the Atonement can really take effect in our lives! This whole concept is simple, and deeply powerful! Proverbs 29:18 says (they changed the words a little), “Where there is no [purpose] the people perish: but he that [lives] the [Doctrine of Christ], happy is he!”

I love you all!

Sister Roberts


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