“If It’s Not Eternal, Forget It!”


Hello everyone!

Happy Halloween! We’re not allowed to tract on Halloween night… I wonder why!? 😉 Well, this week we had some pretty sweet miracles. Monday evening we had dinner with Sister Sutton and her friend Karen. Karen is deaf but reads lips really well. Karen made us all dinner. She is so great! We watched “The Restoration” after and talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We promised her we would learn “I Am A Child Of God” in ASL for our next visit in a couple weeks. (SISTER SMACK I NEED HELP! haha) We also had a good lesson with Brother Robinson our newly found less active. We are going over the lessons again with him and we taught the Restoration this week. He really loves it all and has such a strong desire to be close with God. We also saw Kel who is doing well. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom, and she surprised us again by saying, “I would love to keep the Word of Wisdom!” She said she’s heard of not doing all this stuff, but never religiously and she said it all made sense! Jessie is also doing well, and we planned her baptism, which is on November 9th! Her Uncle is baptizing her, and she asked Elder Henderson to confirm her! She is still loving her children’s Book of Mormon and reading it! YAY! We had a good lesson with the Niras where we taught them Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, etc.) They are both still set on their baptism date of December 7th and guess what… it’s coming up!!

On Friday we had Zone Conference in Quail Creek (North OKC). President Walkenhorst is the best. He talked about the blessings of obedience and repentance. It was all so applicable to our missions, and I learned a ton! The APs and Zone Leaders also did training that was good. Then that night, we had the ward chili cook off/ trunk-or-treat party combined with the OKC 2nd ward. It was sooo fun! SO MANY less actives came! IT WAS AMAZING! A whole LA family came and the dad thought no one would talk to him, but he was pleasantly surprised when everyone talked to him and he had fun! The OKC 2nd ward Elders also gave us one of their investigators named Kristena who should be going to the singles ward. Kristena is really really shy, but Sister Law and I got her to chat with us for almost the whole evening. She is a photography major at OCCC. Sister Ott and Sister Stewart (OKC 2nd Ward sister missionaries) set up their own trunk for the trunk-or-treat. Sister Ott is…hilarious. She sat inside the trunk and made the kids knock on it. Then she would say, “I am the genie of this trunk. What is your wish? Candy?” (in a scary voice) hahaha! She is a goof. It was a great night. Saturday we had a lesson with a woman we tracted into named Fran. She is great and she accepted to pray and read the Book of Mormon. We also had a lesson with Kristena and the Elders on testimony. It went well! Then Morgan, one of our YSAs that came to Kristena’s lesson, Sister Law and I went to Ihop for dinner. ahhhh yeaah! It was the best!

Sunday was awesome because Erick and Dancing Feathers came to church with their 5 kids!!! It was amazing and they promised they’d be back next week! We are going to see them and talk with them about the Plan of Salvation on Thursday 🙂 Kristena also came to the singles branch with us AND Kel AND Doug! It was a good day! Sister Law and I taught Gospel Principles (Sunday School) too!

Image                                    Sister Ott isn’t trunky, she’s trunk or treating! And the rest of the District!

I am so grateful for this chance I have to be a missionary! I say it every week and I will say it forever! I feel so blessed. I was reading this morning in Matthew 19 where it talks about the young man who asks Jesus what he needs to do to have eternal life. Jesus tells him to keep the commandments. The young man asks which ones? Then Jesus says all of them. The young man continues by saying that he has been keeping all of them since he was young, what more can he do? Then Jesus says to give all he has to the poor and follow him. Then the young man goes away sorrowfully, as the scriptures say, because he had great possessions. The Spirit taught me a lot from this. I applied it to a mission…growing up doing what you’re suppose to do, then asking God what more you can do. Then he answers, “Serve a mission.” I don’t think most people who hear this go away sorrowfully, but applying it to our day to day life, how often do we not give all our heart and priorities to the Lord? I reflected on my life before my mission and saw many ways I can improve on my priorities. How often does the Lord ask us not to give up “all our possessions,” but to go visiting teaching or home teaching, to accept a calling, to be worthy of a temple recommend, to go to church, to pay tithing, to read the scriptures every day, to pray, or to give up our time for others or Him. He does ask us to do some things, but are these things really worth not doing and giving up our chance to live with Him and have eternal life? No. Growing up, I saw a quote hanging on a member of our ward’s entry that read, “If it’s not eternal, forget it!” I love that. He’s not asking for perfection, but progression. Pick something you can do today to be a more consecrated disciple of Jesus Christ. I am, and at our Zone Conference, President Walkenhorst gave simple but wise counsel…. repentance brings happiness!

I love you all and am so grateful for your amazing examples to me!

Much love,

Sister Roberts

ImageTaking the mission van to zone conference!


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