An Oklahoma Autumn


Hello everyone!

Well getting straight to it, it was a great week!! Here are the investigator updates:

Niras- are doing great! We taught obedience, prayer and scripture study and set up their baptismal program (yay!). They are looking for “imitation coffee” because they still like warm drinks in the winter and like the taste of coffee, but also want to follow the Word of Wisdom, so if anyone knows anything about that, give me a holler!

Doug-Is pushing forward and doing great! Because of some stuff in his past, he is waiting to hear when he can be baptized! This trial has made him so strong and his testimony has grown a ton! Pray for him and I’ll give updates soon! 🙂

Kel- Like I mentioned before, I believe, is getting baptized in May because that’s when she wants to get married to her fiance. She is still doing great and reading everything we leave with her! She said last time that she is anxious to know all the Book of Mormon stories and more about the gospel! Can someone say golden!? She is amazing!

Jessie- the nine-year-old is getting baptized SATURDAY! Everything is set and she is excited! We had a really good lesson this week on prophets. We gave her a little picture of President Monson and she put it on their mantle.

Erick and Feathers- I’m pretty sure I talked about them a little in the last e-mails, but they are also doing good! We set a baptismal date with Feathers and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. We are going to have a lesson with both of them this Thursday!

Kristena- Newer investigator from a part member family. She’s 20 and the Elders were teaching her but thought it would be best to have her come to the Singles Branch. We had a guy- Spencer- from the Singles Branch come to the lesson and it was just what she needed! She is really shy, so friends her age will be key!

Jonathon- He was a referral from a couple in the Midwest City ward and is a YSA and we had dinner over at their home this past week! I asked him “Have you heard of the Book of Mormon?” He answered “no” and I was like “Whhaaat!? You’re missin’ out, let me tell you about this awesome book!” By the end he was so excited to read it! He also commited to be baptized in December.

This week was overall great! The weather is windy and the leaves are changing! It’s actually really pretty and you can see the sky forever in the distance! I’m forgetting what mountains look like! 😉 We had Stake Conference this week and the adult session was aaaamaazing! The Stake President, President Bean talked all about missionary work and the resources members have. He had President Walkenhorst stand (President Bean is tall, but President Walkenhorst is TALLER!)  President Bean made a joke about he’s the only person he “looks up to.” Presient Walkenhorst spoke about what his role is in the work, then he had his high councilor in charge of missionary work talk about his, then a Bishop stood and told his, then a ward mission leader, then a set of missionaries, etc until there were a ton of people standing in front. He pointed out how important this work is and how the missionaries can’t do it alone. It is so much more effective when members share it with their friends. Then at the end he had all the 30 missionaries that serve in the stake stand in front and sing “Called to Serve”. BOOM! So powerful! We got like 4 referrals after that meeting! 🙂 Our YSA RS President scheduled a meeting to talk about how they can do more missionary work. It was magical!

Also, there is another unexpected miracle I found out this week: Remember Devan from Norman? He is getting BAPTIZED next Saturday and I got permission to GO!! I am so excited for him! Sister Law and I had a blast as well Halloween night and made caramel apples and watched mormon messages! Holidays are fun! Thanks Grandma/Grandpa Roberts and Mom and Dad for the fun Halloween packages! We were so grateful! 🙂

So my spiritual thought of the week is on the spirit! On my mission, I have truly come to know and recognize the spirit in my life. I was so full of happiness after Saturday night’s stake conference session that I knew without a doubt that Heavenly Father loves you and all of us. From the countless experiences I’ve had since serving, I can not doubt it. I know it. Here are just a couple scriptures I love on the Spirit:

John 14:26

2 Nephi 32:5 — Who wouldn’t want that!?

I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us and that Jesus Christ loves us as well. I know that Joseph Smith restored the gospel to the earth, oh how grateful I am for that! I know that President Monson is the prophet in our days, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is TRUE!

I love y’all! You are always in my prayers! Have a great week!

Sister Roberts


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