Miracles Miracles Miracles!

Image   OCCC booth…. don’t mind the background coffee shop 🙂

Hello All!

What a week! So much good stuff packed into this week! First off, my family is officially moving to Pleasant Grove, Utah this December due to my Dad’s job at BYU! CRAZY!!

Here in Oklahoma, highlights from the week include: Jessie’s Baptism! It was amazing! Her Uncle baptized her and her step dad, Zach, was there to see it! He is an investigator and we are praying for his heart to be softened to join her! Sister Law and I drove down to Norman on Saturday to see Davon get baptized too! That was great as well and the Spirit was strong! Image   Jessie’s baptism!

Image    Davon’s baptism with ALL the sisters that taught him and Brother Sturges

We also went on exchanges this week. I went up to North OKC with Sister Dupape to the SPANISH area…meaning I had no idea what was being said except “si” and “como estas?” But even that was it too fast for my brain! One thing I learned is that no matter the language, the Spirit can be felt just as strong! We saw soo many miracles and worked hard! I even read in Spanish and helped teach one lesson that was half in English.

We also had a neat experience running a booth at OCCC (Oklahoma City Community College). The ward mission leader in OKC 2nd’s ward set it all up, and we talked to people as they walked by. We answered a lot of questions about the Church and got referrals. We had a great lesson with Kel on prophets. We showed her the Mormon Message, “Dare to Stand Alone” by President Monson. She LOVED it. We saw Kristena, too, and she loved learning about the Plan of Salvation. Ahhh…so many miracles this week, but I am short on time! We have a busy day taking the new missionaries flying in today tracting! I love you all!!

“Dare to be a Mormon,

Dare to stand alone.

Dare to have a purpose firm,

Dare to make it known”

Love, Sister Roberts


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