Family and Friends,

Well, A LOT happened this week. Where to begin? Monday we had a good lesson with Karen, our deaf investigator. She came to church and Sister Caldwell graciously signed ASL. We went over to Sister Lonelk’s to do service again. She told us her conversion story, we raked leaves and beat her rugs ha ha. We got “snowed in” because our car was grounded for two days. It was like 17 degrees that weekend! We did go tracting and found 2 potentials!! Elder and Sister McLaughlin fed us one of the nights because we couldn’t go to our dinner appointments. They are so nice!

The Nira’s GOT BAPTIZED! It was a beautiful evening. The Spirit was so strong. I had a cool realization as I looked at the congregation (we had to go into the chapel since so many people came) and thought to myself, This is why I came here, why I needed to come to Oklahoma, why I served a mission. Watching people make sacred covenants with God really touches you.Those moments are cherished. Sister Nira sent us a text the day of her baptism saying, “We’re excited too! A little nervous, but so ready! Love you both!” Ah…I could go on and on about how beautiful it was. Their two non-member daughters came with their spouses, and Sister Nira’s brother came to baptize them. It was a night of miracles!


The low of the night was finding out that one of the singles who I worked with in Norman, Kurtis Barton, passed away suddenly 3 days ago after being rushed to the hospital. He was in his first year of dental school at OU. It was really sad, but I took some time to reflect that night and immediately thought of the Plan of Salvation. Peace filled my heart as I prayed for his family and the others he was close to. He was always the one who would sit by the people that looked alone. He came to all the activities, fed the missionaries and participated in everything. When he passed away he was serving as the Ward Mission Leader. We met a lot of people in Norman who didn’t believe that there is anything after death, and I always thought about how sad that was. I feel so much confidence and peace having the Gospel. It really is the plan of happiness, and if we are baptized and stay faithful all will be made right and we can live with our families in the presence of God. Wow! How much better can that get? So, keep the Barton family in your prayers and all the OU Institute YSAs.

Other news…. I am training again!! I am staying in Moore for a 4th transfer. I really can’t believe it! I am excited. There are only 2 sisters coming out, so I feel honored that I get to train one of them! One reason I am also excited is that I get to stay in Moore for CHRISTMAS!



Sister Kenz

Romans 8:38-39

Image    Sister Law’s birthday pic at DM!


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