Bed or Bugs?

DECEMBER 30, 2013


WELL… it’s been quite the week. We started off the week with Christmas Eve and Day! It was amazing. Christmas Eve day we spent the day taking goodies to our investigators and less actives. We stopped by the mission home to give them something and we got to meet “Elder” Walkenhorst. Our mission pres’ son that is on The District I. It was like meeting a celebrity for us missionaries. Then we went over to the Brown’s for Christmas Eve. Sister Brown is a widowed lady in the ward, and her two older children and their families were there. Her son and his wife both went to Harvard and her son is really funny. When we were reading the Nativity (they have puppets for the kids to act out) he did this whole in depth version of it. I can’t remember all he said, but we were all cracking up. Then on Christmas day, Sister Swensen and I both called our families, then we went over to the McLaughlin’s. There were tons of missionaries there. After dinner/lunch we played games. It was a lot of fun! Then we had another dinner at the Bean family’s home. I felt so fat after Christmas day haha.. SO. MUCH. FOOD. The rest of the week we did our normal thing and visited less actives, checked referrals and such. We started teaching a new girl named Marisol. Most of our investigator appointments fell through, but because of that, we met some really cool people on the street. A guy named Julian was one of them, and we’re going back to see him next week! On Sunday Sister Swensen, Elder Henderson, Elder Ravsten and I all gave talks in Sacrament Meeting. It was really fun actually. President and Sister Taylor (our old mission president) were there! All our talks were on missionary work and went really well together- SPIRIT!


So, to get to the crazy stuff… Sister Swensen woke up one morning with nasty looking welts on her arms, legs and even face. I have gotten a couple of them, but not as bad as hers were. The bites itch really bad, so we decided to call Sister Walkenhorst. She didn’t really know, but told us to check our beds. ……. yes…. bed bugs AHHHH!!!! Anybody that knows me well knows how much I hate bugs… with a passion! We investigated and found like 5 in her bed. We caught them in a tupperware. Not to get graphic here, but they were big… because ya know… they were hungry. Sister Swensen and I made jokes about them all night including naming them all. We called Sister Walkenhorst back and she confirmed: bed bugs. The Elders brought us two air mattresses and we slept in the living room, but it was freezing cold and we used our towels instead of our blankets, so we only got a couple hours of deep sleep. haha it was quite the sight. The bed bugs were quite the topic in the office this morning. We took our little friends to show everyone and we are taking care of it more today. The apartment complex and the office missionaries are spraying our apt and we are getting new mattresses. Pray that we get them out! They are such pests! Anyways, it is going to be a great week! We were talking on the way over to e-mail how funny it is to be in the middle of a trial. Most of the time we point out that it was a trial after it happens. You can always see a little fork in the road when trials hit… Attitude (the sign says): Positive or Negative. The negative path seems more inviting and comes more naturally; the positive one is rough at first, but brings the lasting, deeper happiness. We decided together that we are going to take the positive route. We are going to make this a great week and it’s going to be a week of miracles!

Love y’all!

Sister Roberts

Pic #1 Sister Swensen and I out on Christmas eve!

Pic #2 Sister McLaughlin and I!

Pic #3 Ward Activity (Sister Swensen, me, Brother Ruick (WML), Elder Ravsten and Elder Thompson)


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