Happy in this NEW YEAR!

JANUARY 6, 2014


Hey Hey! Happy New Year! 2014..it’s going to be a great year! I am sooo grateful to be here on a mission. It was just a year ago that I was about to turn in my mission papers. I didn’t imagine that I would be here in Oklahoma, but I am so glad I’m here. It’s been a great 8 months! I am so glad I still have time… I’ve been having these funny dreams in which I am coming home at the end of my mission, but I panic thinking…”Wait! I still have things to do!” Then I wake up relieved! It’s a good lesson to me that missions are short and we have to take advantage of every second.

Some highlights of 2013 for me were… obviously my mission call on February 15th! Praying and seeing miracles in the lives of my own family in our move to Provo and Dad’s new job; helping clean up after the Moore tornado and then getting to SERVE there for 5 months and counting!; Witnessing people’s lives, some of my best friends, changed through the gospel… Jocelyn, Zhaotong, Flora, Davon, Jessie, Brother and Sister Nira; being able to be full time missionary for Jesus Christ; having my testimony grow, be strengthened and renewed, and understanding more than ever how to live the gospel. It has truly been a year of miracles and JOY! I feel so grateful for this experience I’ve had.

This week was great! Ups and downs for sure. We are still getting rid of the bed bugs. It’s been a long week that way. Did you know bed bugs smell like overripe raspberries and almonds?? Weirdest fact of the week. We also had to give the Midwesty City Singles Branch to the Midwest City Sisters because our church times overlapped. That was HARD! We are losing 3 solid investigators whom we have spent months teaching. I prayed about it really hard and just felt peace about it. President let us decide what to do and we felt it was best to let the other sisters take care of them. It’s really hard, but I know it’s for the best! So that means we are starting pretty fresh with just our Moore 1st ward area. Sister Swensen and I have some really cool ideas for finding new investigators here and building our area back up! It was hard before because we were covering two wards and we always had to 50-50 it. But now we are 100% Moore 1st’s. We had a really good experience tracting this week. We tracted into 4 teenage guys, and since we had a member with us, we went in and taught about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It was a really cool experience. They were so zoned in when Sister Swensen told Joseph’s experience of the first vision. We also had good lessons with Allswell who is starting to progress a lot more! Kristena is praying for a baptismal date, and we had a sweet lesson with her in which we just asked her, “Do you believe that the Book of Mormon is true?” She paused…”Yes I do.” We asked, “Can you see yourself being a member of this church in your future?” She said yes! She is so close! Despite being shy, she went to FHE, the singles’ dance and church with members! We are so excited for her! Doug just propsed to Bonnie (one of our members), so they are getting married March 1st!! We’re waiting to hear about his baptism! Hopefully SOON!

I love this gospel! It’s amazing! Alma 29:1… remember that it ends with an EXCLAMATION POINT! If we have the same attitude and commitment as Alma, we will be given those opportunities!

Love yall,

Sister Roberts


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