Joy to the World!

DECEMBER 23, 2013


Hello family and friends!

Merry Christmas everyone! This has been quite the busy week for me in Oklahoma and my family in Utah. I am glad to hear the move went well to Provo! I am excited to hear all about it more! I still can’t believe you guys live there now. Well….My new companion is Sister Swensen (see picture). She is from St. George, Utah. She just barely turned 19 in October so she’s a new one! She is a great teacher. Right after transfers we headed straight to an appointment with Allswell and she was pro. I’m excited to work with her! We got to teach like 9 lessons this week already and it’s going to be a great transfer! We had a great lesson with Doug where we watched the Joseph Smith movie. The Spirit was so strong, and he said he really enjoyed it! We also got to meet with Alexis and her mom, Gina. Gina is hesitant about it all, which is holding Alexis back, so just pray for a heart softening! Friday we got to help usher the Joy to the World concert that the Norman and South OKC stakes put on. It was AMAZING. I honestly wish I could put how I feel better in words. Stephen Beus played in it as well. For those who don’t know, he was one of my piano professors at UVU and then got a job at OU, so I see him occasionally! We also had our Christmas Zone conference on Saturday from 8:30 in the morning until 7:30 at night! It was also amazing! President Walkenhorst gave a great training on faith and putting it into action. We had a great Christmas music program too. Sunday was full of great Christmas Sacrament meeting programs and Allswell came too!

I have been pondering this week what the Savior means to me personally. Being a missionary in the Bible Belt is unique. Everyone believes in Jesus in some form or another. I thought, “well Sister Roberts, what does it mean to you to be a member of Christ’s church and one of His missionaries?” I felt a great longing for everyone to feel and know what I do about the Savior- the joy and happiness! Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people here that have read the New Testament more extensively than I have and know more of the facts and events of His life, but I couldn’t help but feel close to Him knowing that the fullness of His gospel is on the earth and that I know it. And not only that, but that I get to share it! People all the time contend with us on the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and even Jesus Christ himself (they don’t think we worship the same Jesus), but I know that it is all true. The Spirit has borne witness to me that this is true! I know that Jesus Christ is the son of God. I know that Jesus Christ came to this earth to set the example, to show us the way and to atone for our sins. Without Him we are nothing and we couldn’t progress or become better. I know He lives today! He knows us all. He loves us all with a perfect love. We can show Him our love by serving others and helping others feel His love. I hope y’all have a Merry Christmas and feel Christ’s love!

I am SO excited to call home on Wednesday!!! It’s a been a great and long 7 months since I have talked to the fam! Then, a bunch of us missionaries (16 of us) are all getting together at Elder and Sister McLaughlin’s house on Christmas. I am excited! It will be a great day!

Again, have a Merry Merry Christmas! Love y’all!

Sister Roberts



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