Summer Already?



Oklahoma is playing tricks on us! Yesterday was a nice 71 degrees. It felt like summer. I could live with this! But tomorrow there will probably be an ice storm haha! This week was great! It flew by, but it feels like a lot happened. This was the first week we weren’t covering the singles’ branch. We are still going to the lessons, but 3 hours of church just didn’t cut it! I miss my 6 hours!

We went on splits for Kel’s lesson. I went with Sister Young. We even got to teach Jaron, too. We had a lesson on testimony. Kel said the strongest area of her testimony is obedience… jaw drop! It was so cool! She explained that she just feels so good when she is obedient to all the “rules” and what God wants her to do. Jaron knows it is all true, I know it! He has a really powerful testimony of God and grace. We also had the Veterans Meeting for all the new missionaries and their trainers. It was neat because  I had tons of questions in my mind going into the meeting, and all of them were answered in the training! So cool! We had a lesson with a new investigator named Trinity. She was a referral from the Zone Leaders’ investigator. She is single though, so we have to give her over to the other sisters, 😦 but she is amazing and we had an awesome lesson with her. When she came to the door, she said, “Are you the Mormons? Come on in!” We also got to meet with Chester and Julie. We talked about Abinadi, and they were laughing at me because I get really animated when I tell stories apparently. haha. We got to talk to a lot of people this week. Because we lost a lot of our single investigators we are doing a lot of finding. We had a really sweet lesson with Allswell on the priesthood. She really opened up and told us that she is slowly gaining that testimony, but to give her time.

Our bed bug adventure is almost over! We haven’t been bitten for 3 weeks! So that is good. I have just been so grateful for all the miracles we’ve seen. I am always in awe and have my testimony reconfirmed every day of how grateful I am for this Gospel and how true it is! We had a cool experience this week: All the missionaries in our District went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant for Elder Edmund’s birthday, so there were 16 missionaries. At the end, when we were getting ready to pay, the cashier told us that someone had paid for all of our meals! We asked who it was, and she said it was a lady who had just left. I was in shock all day. How nice! My first instinct was to find out who it was because we wanted to thank her. Then, I remembered the scripture that says, “Let all thy alms be in secret.” It really inspired me to do more good without being noticed. I have so many good examples in my life of service and sacrifice. I have been able to use Michael as a good example in so many lessons. We teach two less active women who have severely autistic children. They are great examples to me!

Well I hope this week is great! Life is good!


Sister Roberts

“Try a little harder, to be a little better” -Gordon B. Hinckley


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