‘Tis the Season!

DECEMBER 16, 2013

Hello y’all!

Well this week was long, but good! Christmas is in the air. The lights, music, food, the smells, the freezing rain..ahhh I love it all..sorta! We had transfer calls and Sister Law is leaving me to go to Ada, Oklahoma! I am SOOOOOO SAD! We are like best friends and get along so great. We already decided we’d hang out after the mission, so that’s good! Fun fact about Ada, it has one of the highest Big Foot sightings in the country. haha AH! ūüėČ

Like I said last week, I am training again so I will meet my new “daughter” tomorrow when they get here, but we’ll actually be together on Wednesday! I am excited to train again. “Moore” adventures await! I have been here in Moore for 4 months; another 3 will be great! Tuesday we did a service project for the Salvation Army. We filled gift bags for children in need. It was a really great experience! It was freezing freezing cold. Oklahoma weather is crazy. For a week it was a solid 13 degrees in the sun, and now it’s back up to 50. oh well! This week seemed packed with meetings and service projects. I also had trainers’ meeting at which there were only 7 of us. There hasn’t been fewer than 10 missionaries coming out in over a year! Trainers’ meeting was great though! This week we went out teaching with one of our new ward missionaries, Sister Brown. She just got released from her Relief Society president calling. We had a great afternoon! We visited a girl named Spring who was baptized 6 years ago, but went less active. She said she’d love to have the sisters come over again and read with her. She has 5 cute little kids and was recently married, so we’re excited to work with her and help her come back! We¬†also went and visited Sister Gathron an older lady in an assisted living home whose records had recently been moved into our ward. She said she was waiting for us to come because she hasn’t been to church in 6 months because she doesn’t have a ride! Problem solved! I think the best part of that afternoon wasn’t even the visits alone, but that Sister Brown had a really good experience. Her face was glowing after we finished. It really was a testimony to me that missionary work¬†brings the Spirit into our lives and fills us with joy. AH I never want to lose this fire and joy I feel for¬†missionary work. I have been gathering ideas throughout my mission on how I can keep it going even when I return home. We had a good lesson with Kristena, too. She was different this time. She said she felt a smidge of the Spirit at the Nira’s baptism. We told her to take that smidge and never forget it. She agreed to pray about a baptismal date for January 18th. We are praying for her big time!! Another cool thing about that lesson was that we brought a member named Lacey. Kristena is a photography major and Lacey is a photographer. All three of us applied¬†feeling the¬†spirit to photography and it was really neat. Saturday was another baptism for Brother Guinn in our ward. The Elders have been teaching him. His wife is a member and they have two small children. He told Elder Henderson that he felt so happy and good when he was walking up the steps after he was baptized! They asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. I was actually kind of nervous, which was weird because I teach all the time, but it went well and I felt the Spirit! Saturday we also went and visited a less active lady in the ward- Sister Baker. She has two small children with severe Autism. (what a coincidence!!). We were able to connect by talking about Autism and the similarities with Michael and them. That was cool! Her husband left her because he didn’t want to deal with them, which is LAME! And when she came to church someone told her to take her kids out since they were too loud, LAME! We apologized for her bad experience. She was very upfront with us when we first came in about why she doesn’t go to¬†church, but we just told her that we were here to be her friend and to offer any help we can. We are going over this Thursday to help her clean her house and cook! She said she wants to come to church, but wants her children to be understood and accepted. I pondered back to all the experiences we have had with Michael at church. She even mentioned when they lived in Florida, they had an “autism room” where parents could watch sacrament meeting while their children could play and be loud. I feel very connected to her and I now have a little confirmation of one reason I’m staying in Moore. I prayed before I left that I could work with a family that had children with special needs… here’s my chance!! I am going to try to work with the ward in helping her come back to church! Sunday Kel came to church! A member picked her up and she stayed for all 3 hours! Everyone LOVED her and so many people got her number to invite her to things. Bonnie offered to pick her up for the RS activity on Thursday. She stayed for the caroling at the retirement home¬†after and the potluck too, AND we had a lesson with her after that! haha She is great. I feel like Kel is another mission best friend. She is awesome and I excited for her to get baptized, soon, hopefully! Our lesson after was on the Savior and His qualitites. We challenged her to do an act of service, write it down, put it in an envelope and put it under the tree. She is so excited to do it.

My spiritual thought/quote of the week comes from my wonderful trainer Sister Carlini. She sent me a cute package this week with quotes and one stuck out to me on prayer:

“The marvelous thing about prayer is that it is personal, it is individual, it is private in terms of your speaking to you Father in Heaven. Ask God to forgive your sins. Ask Him to bless you. Ask Him to help you realize your righteous and worthy ambitions. Ask Him to help you with your studies. Ask Him to take away your worries and fears. Ask Him to help you find a companion with whom you can share your life. Ask Him for all of the things that mean so much to you. He stands ready to help because we are His sons and daughters. Don’t ever forget that.” -Gordon B.¬†Hinckley

I loved this quote because a lot of times we wonder what we should pray about. Investigators voice that worry all the time. We can pray to our Heavenly Father anytime about anything. The best example of prayer, of course, was Jesus Christ. He prayed with the people, for the people, before he perfomed miracles, with the disciples, in the garden of Gethsemane, on the cross, with the Nephites in the Americas. He taught us the way made it possible that we are worthy to live with our Father again. How great the love! He lives and I love Him.

I love y’all,

Sister Roberts

PS: Merry Christmas and I am SO excited to talk to my family in 9 days! YAAAAAY!


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