I Love to See the Temple!


Hello family and friends!

Well we got to go to the temple this week! It was much needed! I felt the Spirit there as I usually do, but this time I felt more peace than I ever have. I felt hope, peace, joy and comfort, all fruits of the Spirit of course. I really recognized that it is the House of the Lord from the feelings I had while there. After going to the temple we stayed overnight with the OKC STLs so that we could go to the District Leader Training in Moore. DLT was with all the District, Zone and Sister Training Leaders. It was really good and they talked a lot about being an effective leader. We watched the talk from this past conference called “Bind up their Wounds.” It’s really great!

As far as our investigators go… miracles miracles! Allswell and Kellie are getting baptized this Saturday!!!! They were my investigators in Moore! I hope I get to go to their baptisms! Also…remember Jeff the intellectual, 40 year old? Well, Monday night we had a lesson with him on prophets. It was a so-so lesson and we challenged him to continue to pray about a baptismal date! After the lesson, and later that night at 10:22 pm we got a 3 page text from him that said something like, “Sisters, I had a dream and I know I need to get baptized. Next week.” We were both half asleep, but we soon woke up and were SO EXCITED! We got to meet with him and hear his dream. He will probably be baptized next weekend. The Lord works miracles!

I also got to go on exchanges with Sister Stokes in the other Lawton sisters’ area! She is sooo cute! We had a blast! We also met with a woman in the ward who has a grandson with Down syndrome! I WAS IN HEAVEN! He was soo cute. He is 3!

I am so grateful for the Gospel! I am grateful for the temple and the wonderful miracles I’m able to witness! This IS the Lord’s work!

I love y’all!

Sister Roberts




Hello y’all!

Well another week in Lawton has been a success! Sister Smith and I get along great and we laugh a lot! We had Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) this last week where we talk about the mission and the concerns, needs, etc. President Walkenhorst gave great training on our role as leaders, and I was definitely inspired and motivated!
We weren’t able to go on exchanges this week because of the snow on Tuesday, but we had some miracles anyways. We stopped by a former investigator named Gerda. She wasn’t there, but her friend Stacy was, and we were able to teach her. She’s going through a lot of really hard things, so her heart is totally open and softened! It was amazing! We also had a great lesson with Jeff. Jeff is 40, single and in the army. He’s really intellectual and goes really deep into everything. We read 2 Nephi 33 with him (solid chapter btw) and watched Elder Holland’s talk on the Book of Mormon in the 2009 conference. Elder Holland is so bold in that talk. I think Jeff was a little speechless. His heart is being softened, too, and he is praying about a baptismal date in March! I’ve noticed that with our STL calling, we have less time to work in our own area. It can be overwhelming, but the Lord definitely helps make up the difference by giving us miracles when we do get to work in our area. It’s such a testimony to me. We also visited with Leah this week. Leah was suppose to be baptized on Saturday, but because of a lot of crazy stuff going on in her life, she decided to hold off. Her Dad is really opposed to her being baptized, so she is struggling with that. She knows the Church is true, but she wants her dad to be proud of her. Pray for Leah this week! Because Sister Smith goes on Post for Sacrament meeting, I go to 6 hours of church again! I love it! It’s so rare in the mission now because there are so many missionaries, but I love it! Also, we get to go to the temple this week on Tuesday! YYAAAAAAY! I haven’t been since July! You really realize on a mission everything you took for granted at home. At one of our dinner appointments, the Richards brought out their new puppies! They were so cute! I’ll attach pictures. 🙂

I am so grateful for the Gospel and the love I feel from Heavenly Father! The Lawton 1st Ward is doing a big push on family history right now. It’s addicting I tell ya! I have researched some of my family stories on p-days. It gives me strength to read what my ancestors went through and helps me know I go can go through hard things too! I challenge everyone to some family history research! I call it… “Facebook stalking your ancestors.” This website is amazing!


Oh…P.S. It’s 70 degrees here now 🙂 HELLO SPRING!

Sister Roberts

Pics: We like PUPPIES! Well, except Elder Memmott….


Christ is never forgotten, when you serve in LAWTON!



Well I am now here in Lawton, Oklahoma! I’m excited for this new adventure. I am now serving with Sister (Hermana) Smith. She is 23 from Riverton, Utah. She graduated ftrom Utah State in education. She is a spanish missionary, but claims she doesn’t know it… just wait, we’re going to find tons of hispanic people to teach!! We are both serving as STLs in the Lawton 1st ward. This week was hectic. Lawton is an army town. Ft. Sill is the army “post”. I learned it’s called a “post” not “base”. We go on post every Saturday for breakfast and to visit sisters whose husbands are deployed. Lawton is pretty ghetto, too. It’s so funny, I think I’ve served in the 2 most ghetto sisters areas in the mission. haha! One of my first lessons was with Brother and Sister Molester. They were baptized February 1st right before I got here. They have a neat story and are solid members! We also saw other less actives and investigators that I will mention more in the coming weeks.


Before I left Moore, I was able to stay the day to see Kristena get baptized. It was sooo amazing. She was beaming and there was a big turn out. AH I LOVE BAPTISMS! Kellie also e-mailed me today and said she’s decided that she knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that she is getting baptized in March! AHH!!! So many miracles!

This week was good, though really busy and Sister Smith got sick so we haven’t done a lot yet. I am sooo anxious to get to know everyone and to immerse myself in this area!

We have a trio of Elders working with us in the ward. One is Elder Memmott- Precia Purnell’s cousin! Small world!

I was reading 2 Nephi 2:2 this week. It really reminded me that the Lord is aware of everything we go through and he will help us and consecrate our afflictions for our gain. We shared this scripture a lot this week. One of our investigator’s brothers was shot and died here this week. Their names are Nick and Leah. Nick is a member, Leah is an investigator. We are going over today, but keep them in your prayers.

Sorry I don’t have much to write about this week!

I love y’all!

Sister Roberts

Moore 1st Ward Missionaries!Image

Where’s Lawton?



Well this was quite a week. Tons happened, but I’m going to start with transfer calls yesterday. We got snowed in, so we walked to an appointment. During the middle of the lesson, President Walkenhorst called. At that moment, I knew I was toast. After the lesson, we called him back and he wanted to talk to me. “Sister Roberts, you’re leaving.” (He pulled the band-aid off fast). “You are going to Lawton to be a Sister Trainer Leader with Sister Smith. I was seriously in shock. I’m leaving Moore? No “Moore” miracles! Haha okay, that’s dramatic. There will still be miracles, but I just can’t use that pun anymore. Sad haha. I feel honored to be an STL. STLs are sort of like Zone leaders for the Sisters. It’s the sister leadership position. Anyways, I feel super inadequate, but I will learn! I feel the Lord will help me through it all! But I got to mess with people all day, like my District Leader Elder Collins. When he called with transfer info, I just said, “Wait wait, let me guess…” He was like, “WHAT! How do you know already!?” It was pretty funny.

The work this week was great! We started teaching a woman named Kelly who is SOLID! We spent a lot of the snow day with her. She is really prepared, so we’re excited. We also have been preparing Kristena for her baptism on Wednesday. We had an exchange with the STLs on Friday, and had a pretty hilarious lunch. Sister Guy, an older lady, looooves Elder Henderson and took all these pictures of him to put on her wall. It was so funny. We also had another good lesson with Allswell. She is coming to church every week, but to the ward before ours, because she has to work at 12. We are praying with her that her hours will change or something can happen. After transfer calls, Sister Swensen and I got priesthood blessings from the Zone Leaders. It was crazy because we both had a prompting to ask for them. I didn’t tell Elder Peterson that I was going to be an STL. He asked if there was anything he should know, and I just told him to follow the spirit, but it was so perfect. Everything that was said, I need as a reminder and to hear. It was the coolest experience and reaffirmed my testimony of the priesthood. Although I am sad to leave Moore, I feel at peace with it, and know that Sister Swensen is going to rock it here in Moore.

I feel like and know Heavenly Father knows me so well and he keeps challenging me with things that in the end help me grow. One thing that has always remained constant is His unfailing love and support. I’ve noticed over the past 9 months that He pushes me ever so slightly out of my comfort zone, not more than I can handle, but just enough to make me drop to my knees and pour out my heart. Then He reminds me of His love and helps me stand up and get back to work. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve this mission. I know I say that every week, but I get more passionate about it the longer I go, so I say it with more energy every week. I love the Gospel. I am honored to be an stl and to be able to help other sisters through their growing pains, and I know they’ll teach me a lot too.

Love y’all,

Sister Roberts

P.S. Also, important info for sending letters/packages to the mission office in OKC: I won’t get them for about a month or so. So… my new address to send everything to is:

Sister Mackenzie Roberts

1308 SW D Avenue, Apt. 4

Lawton, OK 73501