Christ is never forgotten, when you serve in LAWTON!



Well I am now here in Lawton, Oklahoma! I’m excited for this new adventure. I am now serving with Sister (Hermana) Smith. She is 23 from Riverton, Utah. She graduated ftrom Utah State in education. She is a spanish missionary, but claims she doesn’t know it… just wait, we’re going to find tons of hispanic people to teach!! We are both serving as STLs in the Lawton 1st ward. This week was hectic. Lawton is an army town. Ft. Sill is the army “post”. I learned it’s called a “post” not “base”. We go on post every Saturday for breakfast and to visit sisters whose husbands are deployed. Lawton is pretty ghetto, too. It’s so funny, I think I’ve served in the 2 most ghetto sisters areas in the mission. haha! One of my first lessons was with Brother and Sister Molester. They were baptized February 1st right before I got here. They have a neat story and are solid members! We also saw other less actives and investigators that I will mention more in the coming weeks.


Before I left Moore, I was able to stay the day to see Kristena get baptized. It was sooo amazing. She was beaming and there was a big turn out. AH I LOVE BAPTISMS! Kellie also e-mailed me today and said she’s decided that she knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that she is getting baptized in March! AHH!!! So many miracles!

This week was good, though really busy and Sister Smith got sick so we haven’t done a lot yet. I am sooo anxious to get to know everyone and to immerse myself in this area!

We have a trio of Elders working with us in the ward. One is Elder Memmott- Precia Purnell’s cousin! Small world!

I was reading 2 Nephi 2:2 this week. It really reminded me that the Lord is aware of everything we go through and he will help us and consecrate our afflictions for our gain. We shared this scripture a lot this week. One of our investigator’s brothers was shot and died here this week. Their names are Nick and Leah. Nick is a member, Leah is an investigator. We are going over today, but keep them in your prayers.

Sorry I don’t have much to write about this week!

I love y’all!

Sister Roberts

Moore 1st Ward Missionaries!Image


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