“All’s Well!”


Hello Family and Friends!

This week was so great! Yesterday, Sister Smith and I got to go up to Moore to see Allswell and Kellie be BAPTIZED! ALL’s WELL! 🙂 It was beautiful, the Spirit was strong, and there was a huge turn out! They asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. It went well… I think. 😉

Jeff is getting baptized this Saturday! We are soooo excited for him! We have two new people we are teaching- Gerda and Stacy. They are friends, and Stacy is living with Gerda and her family. Gerda met with missionaries a while ago, and we’re starting it back up since things are more settled down. We volunteered at the Food Bank on Wednesday for our service and that was fun! We were in charge of Wednesday night Mutual for the young women. That was really fun, because we were talking about how we can share the Gospel and getting them pumped to do it! We split them up and had them role play different scenarios. That was hilarious, because you know, young women loooove skits! The Elders then shared their experiences and talked about how the good examples of young women influenced them to go on missions. What they shared was really good, and it got me thinking about my experiences, hoping that I was a good influence on my guy friends. I know I had a lot of good influences to help me go on a mission. I had two really good visiting teachers- April Baek and Stephanie Millet! They helped me a ton, and I use them as the best examples of visiting teaching when we talk to members about visiting teaching. They addressed my concerns and questions about missions, and oh how glad I am that I went on one! It has changed my life! On Thursday, we went up to the city for Leadership Training from two MTC leaders. It. was. amazing. We all got rebuked by the Spirit and gained a better perspective on our purpose as missionaries. They taught us more about how to plan effectively and use our planners. I wish I could share everything they said! When we returned to Lawton we went to the Book of Mormon class taught by the Lawton 2nd sisters on prayer. That was great, too! That day was full of spiritual uplift-ment! On Friday we had our District Meeting, then after lunch we headed down to Wichita Falls, Texas for an exchange. It’s about an hour drive, so we just went one way and split the two companionships down there. We did a lot of tracting, but it was 80 degrees so it was perfect weather for it! On Sunday, it snowed/ice stormed so we only had Sacrament meeting then our cars were grounded so we couldn’t go anywhere! We couldn’t even walk because the ground was pure ice! Instead, we re-wrote our white board and planned, painted our nails, and decorated our planners! It was a fun, chill day though! We have a referral from a member in Hawaii whose friend wants to talk to the missionaries. That will be an exciting appointment! This is going to be a great week!

I hope y’all have a great week!


Sister Roberts

Image               Cool sunrise…looks like Oklahoma!

Image               One of the nicer streets in Lawton…. KIDDING! 😉


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