JUNE 2, 2014

Family & Friends,

Hello everyone! I hope this week has been great for y’all! It has been a good week here in Lawton! Yesterday was Stake Conference and Elder Romeo Villarreal of the seventy was here presiding. He was great and all the meetings were inspiring. He even came on Post with President Peterson (the Stake President) and spoke. The soldiers loved it, even though most of them didn’t know what a General Authority was! haha We had to miss the Sunday session of Stake Conference because of the church on Post, but it was worth it. After Elder Villarreal and President Peterson left, I taught a new investigator named Brother Knust. He has no religious background (first time on my mission teaching someone without a religious background… #biblebelt)! It was such a learning experience for me, and I think for him as well! He accepted the challenge to pray about baptism on the 28th of June though! 

I got to go on an exchange to Ardmore on Tuesday with Sister Young! It was, I think, the most fun exchange I’ve had my whole mission. We laughed so much and talked about how great missions are. She is going home in July, so for the exchange report (at the end of the exchange when missionaries report on how the exchange went, how they’re doing and set goals), I asked her the top 5 things she has learned on her mission. Hers were great. I love how emotional people get at the end of their missions when they reminisce and think about how much they’ve grown on their missions. Missions are amazing. Brother Bentley is also doing well! Our ward council moved his baptismal date to the 14th of June which is frustrating, but it’ll be okay! It’s STILL happening! Also, one of the Elder’s investigators, Brother Vickers, is also getting baptized that day! WOOT! Brother Bentley gave up coffee this week and said, like it wasn’t a big deal, “Oh, I’ll just drink hot chocolate.” haha I love him! We also got to go on exchanges with the Texas North sisters. Hermana Best came up to Lawton with me and we had a busy night visiting David and Bria, the Ponce’s, Ethan, and tracting! It was so fun! 

I am in shock about how fast time is flying! I can’t believe it is June already! I feel very blessed and wet (humid) here in Lawton! We are seeing so many miracles. I got my new scriptures this week! First time since I was baptized having new scriptures! They are so beautiful! I almost cried when I got them! I have been going through marking all the ones I use often and my favorites and all that. I realized how grateful I am for the scriptures and how they’ve literally changed my life! I am definitely serving in the Bible Belt, which has been great in that it has helped me learn more of the Bible and how it is a testimony that this is the Lord’s church. 

I love y’all! 

Sister Kenz


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