Lawton Round 3!

APRIL 28, 2014

Hey y’all!

I seriously can’t believe that it is almost May! Time is flying!! Someone asked me how long I have left on my mission and my own answer took me by surprise! I am loving the mission. Transfers are this week so there is news! I feel like as every transfer goes by, the calls may seem to get less and less like “big news,” but drum roll please…. Sister Smith is leaving me! She is going to the Spanish North Branch! She is freaking out, but I am so excited for her to be able to use her Spanish! I am getting Sister Porter! I really don’t know much about her, so I’ll fill you in next week! I just know she is from Utah, super super sweet, and goes home in August! Oh, and she is also a Hermana (Spanish sister). We’re going to tear it up for sure! 😉 Starting backwards with the week, last night was transfer calls and the Elders lost their phone so they used ours to call the Zone Leaders to get all the “transfer doctrine” as we call it. It was funny, and we were all cheering and excited at all the news! Other news of the week: we were able to see a lot of less actives, teach two new investigators and we visited some formers- a family- that I am excited to teach again! We were able to meet with Gerda again and show her the conference talk, “Come Join With Us” by President Uchtdorf. She loved it. Bria didn’t come to church 😦 but the lesson went well! I am really excited about this next transfer because I know we are going to see some really amazing miracles!

I have been deep into my Book of Mormon reading in the war chapters in Alma and Helaman. They are so good! One in particular that always gets me is when Moroni is upset because he doesn’t feel the support from the chief judge Pahoran and he writes a letter rebuking him for his indifference and wickedness. Pahoran writes back lovingly and chooses not to get offended, but corrects him bytelling him that rebels drove him out of Zarahemla and that he still supports liberty and wants to help Moroni, but he himself is trapped. This is the fast version of the story. Even though Moroni jumped to that conclusion, Pahoran’s love is truly inspiring. How often do we get offended when things like that happen? It really made me think about true charity and love. I love the Book of Mormon and want everyone to read it!! It has changed my life! I love you all and hope that everything is going great! Madeleine, again, I am SO EXCITED for you and Jordan! YAAAY!

Love, Sister Roberts

P.S., We get to Skype for MOTHER’S DAY! 🙂


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