APRIL 21, 2014

Image Our Zone

Family and Friends,

I am SO EXCITED TODAY! So many amazing things happened this week. First off, my one and only baby sister got engaged on Saturday! YAY! I am so happy for you-Madeleine and Jordan! Jordan, welcome to the family, bro!

Another cool thing I got to do this week was go watch my first marriage/sealing in the temple! Thomas Wilson and Karla Pacheco were two friends/ward members whom I met while serving in the Norman singles ward. I love them so much and it was so beautiful! They looked so happy! Marriage marriage marriage! I love it! We called President and he said we could go! It was at 8:30 at night though so we got back late… ahhhh! But we still woke up at 6:30 bright and early the next morning. We were just dead all day haha. We did 2 exchanges this week so that was eventful. I was only in Lawton 4 days this week! I went to a little town called Elgin on Tuesday with Sister Hirschi. It was so fun, we explored one of the outlying towns called Fletcher and tracted in the gorgeous weather. We even found two potentials! Sister Hirschi is training right now and she is a really good, easy going, kinda timid sister! We had a blast! Wednesday we re-exchanged and were heading out to take our car to get an oil change, but Sister Smith accidentally locked the keys in the car. It was so crazy. The Elders came and tried to help, but we finally had to call a locksmith. On Thursday, we went to Ardmore for an exchange with Sister Young and Sister Robison. It was a really short exchange, but it was fun! We woke up really early and left to get back to Lawton. The drive from Ardmore to Lawton is through the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. I attached some pictures of the gorgeous sunrise! Friday we got to go to the temple in the evening and like I said, it was gorgeous! It was so good to see some of my Norman buds! One of my other former companions, Sister Zaleski, was there so that was fun! Saturday, our stake had a family history fair, and 100 non-members were signed up to come, so we went and attended some classes, and talked to people. Then we had a correlation meeting for the Branch on the Army Post. Transfer calls are at the end of this week and we really think Sister Smith is leaving because she’s been here for 7 months. If that’s the case, I will be taking her spot on post teaching the soldiers on Sunday. I’ll explain more about this next week if I am. It’s such a cool experience, and I would be so honored! On Easter Sunday we had 23 less active members attend and all of it was great! Elder Chavez, one of the Elders, got a kidney stone Saturday night, so they were at the ER until 3 am. He was a champ though because they had to wait in the ER for 6 hours and while they were there a member came in who had been pitching in his high school baseball game and the ball came back and hit his throat. So he and his mom were there and when they saw the Elders’ name tags, they asked them to give him a blessing, so they did! I told Elder Chavez that he would of course be healed for giving so much service while in so much pain! haha The kidney stone finally passed Sunday night and he’s with us today…alive! We all got to go to a member’s home for Easter dinner and they were so nice, they even made us Easter baskets! SO CUTE! Their little girls were so adorable! I am so grateful for the Gospel and for my mission! I love my Savior and all that He has done for me! I hope yall have a great week!

I love YOU!

Sister Roberts






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