Post Miracles!

MAY 5, 2014

ImageSister Porter & I at the temple!

Hey Y’all!

Well everything in Lawton is going well! A lot of good news for this week! Transfers of course were this week; my new companion is Sister (Whitney) Porter! We are the same age (she is only 2 months younger than I), she is the youngest in her family, and is from Syracuse, Utah. She went to BYU for 3 semesters before her mission and studied Elementary Education. She is soooo nice and friendly and is really uplifting. It’s takes a lot to get her down! We both have the same favorite places to eat in Oklahoma (Mexican and Chick-fil-A). We have a lot in common, so it’s been so fun! 

Now on to the week…it was crazy of course because of transfers. Some appointments fell through, Gerda dropped us (saaad!), and our ward council went a little crazy. BUT, we had tons of miracles too including starting to teach the Ponce Family. Their family includes a mom, a dad, 4 girls and a grandma! Finding families to teach is super rare on the mission, so it is SO GREAT! We also got to go to the temple on Saturday with our ward to help out with the youth baptisms. It was really, really great to be at the temple for that long! It was so uplifting! We drove up with our ward mission leader and his wife, the Adairs. 

Also, a new thing for the week is that I get to teach on the Ft. Sill Army Post. So this is how it goes… When the soldiers first come into the Army they have to go through their “basic training.” It’s an intense 9 weeks of getting yelled at by their Drill Sergeants and hard training. It’s kind of like a mission (no phone, facebook, they stay on post, etc), except not–haha. Attending church on Sunday is a peaceful break from it all! We meet in a classroom where we have a sacrament service, and then the missionaries teach the 4 PMG lessons in another room. So, you’re teaching a group of soldiers by yourself. It’s really cool! I taught a woman, Sister Valencia from Haiti about the Plan of Salvation. She’s praying about a baptismal date. I have a lot more respect for the soldiers and how much they go through. I’m so grateful to give them the opportunity to partake of the sacrament and for some, to learn about the Gospel. I love it! Get this, I get to give a talk next week to a group of soldiers about the Stripling Warriors. #intimidation ! It will go well… I hope 🙂 You can really feel the Spirit there! This week was fast and testimony week. Brother Richardson bore his testimony–and he’s not even a member! He asked how he can get baptized! He is awesome!

I LOVE THE GOSPEL.The Atonement is real and it works! It changes us and helps us become the best we can be! I know our Savior lives and loves us! Let the Atonement work in your life! Use it. Remember it’s through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. That is where true happiness is found! 

I am so excited to Skype this week! Dad, Mom, Madeleine, Jordan, Michael and Max… be ready at 6:30 pm! 🙂 

Love y’all! 

Sister Roberts



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