Running to the Font!


Hello Family & Friends,

This week was good! Happy Father’s Day Dad! You’re the best! I thought of you all day yesterday and how grateful I am for you and your example to me! The highlight of this week was Brother Bentley’s baptism. It was beautiful. His wife came and supported him. He was so excited. To back up, on Tuesday night, we finished the commandments: Law of Chastity and read through the interview questions. The Law of Chastity lesson was hilarious. Bro. Bentley started telling us stories about when gay guys hit on him, and in one he turned around and just knocked the guy out! We were like…what the? This was back in his younger days! He started telling another and we were just like… okay, okay… you’re good. He has crazy stories! He also got the quad he ordered (Bible, Book of Mormon and D&C together). He even got a case with it! It was awesome! He was so excited about them! The baptismal service was great and he was baptized! He expressed his thanks (almost in tears) for us coming to him and bringing him this message. I was so touched. He also told us how he felt that his ancestors were nudging him this way and he believed that strongly! We are so excited for him to do their temple work! I know he has some that have been waiting a long time for HIM! He will also receive the priesthood in a couple weeks!

We were also able to teach a new investigator named Anne this week! She is really nice and was raised Catholic. She said she’d read the Book of Mormon, so we’ll see. 🙂 We were also able to clean more of our new house this week! It’s almost ready, so we’re excited for that. I’ll take pics when we get everything in! The new address is 17 NW 28th St., Lawton, OK 73501. You can send things there now, since we’re there often. It’s a cute little house! Poor Sister Porter got so sick this week! She has Celiac Disease (like Michael!) and a lactose allergy, so if she eats anything with a hint of gluten or lactose, she gets pretty sick. But, we think this was an actual sickness. 😛 She’s feeling better though now! 

On Post, I set a baptismal date with a soldier for July 6th! He is really sincere and wants to know if it’s all true! After that lesson, another solider, Brother Smith, was to be baptized. Since they can’t ride with us because of mission rules, they ran behind us and followed us to the font! I have included a pic of that…haha! He and his buddies ran all the way to the font in the chapel on Post. It wasn’t too far, but it was HOT and humid! #dedication Sadly, when we got there, the Chaplain had forgotten to fill up the font, so he will be baptized next week! We were bummed, but next week will be great too! 


I am so grateful for the Gospel! It’s true! It’s true!


Sister Kenz


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