Sunday Miracles!


Hello y’all,

First off, some shout outs.. Madeleine, congrats on graduating from Cosmetology school! I’m so proud of you, Sis! You are a shining example to me! Tyler, congrats on going through the temple! You’re going to be an amazing missionary! Meg and Matt- congrats on Luke’s blessing! I can’t wait to meet that little guy! He’s adorable and has amazing parents! So, this week was amazing!! We saw some really sweet miracles despite the scourging heat! I am soooo tired, but it’s worth it. The Church true! Here are some of the highlights from the week: 

The Brennans: We’ve been teaching her for about two weeks now. She is the woman who Anna Boucher was teaching in NC. Sister Brennan is praying about being baptized on August 30th! One of the miracles about it is that Brother Brennan, who is less active, came to church yesterday! He is a Drill Sargent and is rarely home, so that was cool! We taught the Plan of Salvation and both of them prayed! Sister Tucker, a member, came and totally befriended Sister Brennan, and they’re going shopping this week! We’re so excited about her! 

Gwen and Hogan: Gwen is a less active sister who we’ve been trying to see for like 5 months. She finally let us come over last week and we had a return appointment. We also went over yesterday with Sister Certeza, the Relief Society President. We hoped her new husband, Hogan, who is not a member would be there, but he wasn’t. But the Lord was directing it, of course. Gwen opened up a ton and told us how Hogan wants to be baptized and learn about the Gospel. She talked about how much the Gospel means to her and how she wants an eternal marriage. She was tearing up. We’re going to start meeting with them this week!! They’re the cutest couple!

Brother Langevin: Moving onto Post…Brother Langevin was BAPTIZED yesterday! Cool thing though, it was the Branch’s first ever Branch Conference and so the WHOLE Stake Presidency came to his baptism and stood in the confirmation circle! It was so wonderful! He was so excited to be baptized and even though the water was ice cold he marched right in! I think I mentioned this before, but he told the Elders that he has really seen the Atonement work in his life and that he feels like a new man! He even brought his whole platoon to church yesterday haha! Also, cool thing on Post, we got to go to the meeting with the Branch Presidencies and talk about the missionary work there. It was a neat, unique experience. I’m having some really neat experiences working with ward councils and seeing how the Church is run. I’ve learned a lot! I’ll attach a pic of Brother Langevin and me… you could fly a plane in between us. #missionjokes 


Ponce Family: THEY CAME TO CHURCH! This is a miracle!!! I wasn’t there, because I was at Branch Conference, but Sister Porter said it was great and you could tell they felt the Spirit! They are great and we’re hoping their desire continues to grow! 

We had two exchanges this week, with the Ardmore and Duncan areas. Both went well. Sister Young, the Ardmore sister I went with, goes home next week! Sister Phelps, the Duncan sister I went with, is training a new missionary next transfer! I’m excited for both of them. They are great missionaries and we had a lot of fun! Sister Young served in Lawton last summer, so we tried some former investigators and found some potentials there. Miracles!

I am so grateful for the Lord and His help. It’s His work and we are just His instruments. I am so eternally grateful that He led me here and that I came! This experience is truly amazing and life changing. I never thought I’d say I am grateful for my trials and I never understood why people said those kinds of things until I came on a mission. It’s truly the “hardest thing I’ve ever loved to do”. 

Hope y’all have an amazing week!

Love bunches,

Sister Kenz


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