Fwd: The Lawton Trio

Hey y’all!

This week was great! Well… sorta haha! I was sick for most of the week, but I’m getting over it now! I was congested and had a bad cough. I thought it was allergies at first…but nope! Transfers were this week and Sister Hirschi joined our companionship! She is from Rexburg, Idaho. She is almost exactly my age! She is very kind, kind of quiet, and solid! She’s really organized and stylish! I love her already! Sister Porter goes home next week…crazy!! We changed our phone signature to “The Lawton Trio.” David asked, “Are you a girl band?” hahaha 

The work was good this week! We were so busy! We got 14 members out with us this week to appointments. The work is so great when members are involved! We taught Sister Brennan about the Restoration and she had great questions! Sister Curts came with us! We started teaching a former investigator named Eben; he is really spiritual already. It’s kind of funny, though, because he has a lot of interesting philosophies about religion and God. He takes the sacrament by his bed every morning…..yeah we need to talk about that. haha. It’s like the “Drive-Thru Sacrament” in Oklahoma City! It’s crazy here!! Eben came to church and had a great time! Hogan and Gwen came to church, too! We are finally meeting with them on Saturday! And, Brother Bentley is proudly passing the sacrament every Sunday! All 9 of us missionaries sang a musical number on Sunday and it went…pretty well. We found out none of the Elders sing at all, so they just laughed through it, but they had such great attitudes about it! They are champs! Post went well this week, too! We’ve just been busy busy busy lately! 

I’m so grateful for Heavenly Father and how well He knows us! He gives us trials to help us grow. I have gained a testimony of that lately. He knows us individually and perfectly. He wants us to talk to Him, because that’s when He can help us the most. We are His children.



Sister Kenz


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