AUGUST 18, 2014

Hey y’all! 

This week was great! Congrats to my cousin Tyler for entering the MTC this week for JAPAN! So exciting! You’re going to be a great missionary! The work this week was good! We had a church tour with Sister Brennan and had a good lesson with Becky! We had a great ward activity where we got to meet and get to know a lot more of the members.

I am loving it here, and I feel the changes in myself more than ever! I want it to keep going! I hope that each of you know that I know that Jesus is our Savior and that Heavenly Father loves each of us and knows us individually. The Omnipotent God who knows all things, knows your name. I love Them with all my heart and have felt myself growing closer to Them. I can’t describe the joy that accompanies change through the Atonement, but I can tell you that it is real and that its power is greater than all other. The Atonement is not just for repenting of our mistakes and sins, but also for changing, which takes time and patience with ourselves…changing into what Christ is and knows we can become. It requires little changes every day. I know the Atonement is also for our weaknesses as well; as hard and challenging as they are to overcome, it is the true test to put away the natural man and become a saint, a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the experiences I have had in my life and the sometimes uncomfortable, but fulfilling changes that I have gone through. I am still far from perfect, but I know that I’ve taken steps forward, which is the most important direction. I love watching people change here including other missionaries. Seeing the face of Becky as she warms more and more to the Gospel. Seeing the calming of an intense soldier’s face as he hears the account of the first vision for the first time. Watching someone open the Book of Mormon for the first time, unaware of how much it will change their life; and knowing how much happiness await those who enter the font for baptism. I am grateful for change and although sometimes it isn’t easy, it is always worth it! 

Have a great week! 

Love always,

Sister Kenz


It’s a Missionary Life!

AUGUST 4, 2014

IMG_0167 The Lawton Zone!

Family and Friends,

GUESS WHAT!!?? CHELSEA BORUP IS COMING TO MY MISSION OCTOBER 15TH!!!!! I will get to serve with her for my last month!

The work is going well here in Lawton. Sister Porter is officially going home in 3 days! It’s hard being with a “dying missionary” as we call it. They are so ready to go home that it’s hard to stay focused sometimes. But the thing is that I’m an oldie missionary now, so my time is coming soon, too! AH! I am actually excited, though… so much has changed and I miss y’all like never before! I am doing great though and staying focused. I will enjoy these next 3 months and serve as hard as I can! We have a really busy next couple of months with Mission Leader Conferences, a mission tour (General Authority visit) and a Zone Conference. It’ll be crazy, so that will keep my mind focused and excited!

On Monday evening Carla Molster came out with us and we visited Sister Tahkopfer. On I went on an exchange with Sister Gull. She’s brand new…one week in the mission! We taught about the Restoration to Becky (one of our new investigators) with Sister Kile (one of our members)! Sister Gull recited the first vision with tears streaming down her face. Becky is totally excited about all this. When we invited her to pray about all we talked about, she said, “Why… I already feel that it is true.” We asked her to pray about it anyway so that God could witness it again. She is really prepared. After the lesson, Sister Gull thought that it was the coolest experience she had ever had (it was her first time teaching that lesson in the field). I guess to that point I hadn’t really realized what amazing experiences we have every day on a regular basis. It was a good lesson to me that we can feel as though it is our first time learning about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon every time we teach about it. I totally love teaching it, and we get to teach about it all the time! I guess I needed to slow down and remember how special the message is that we have to share! Sister Gull reminded me of that great lesson that day! I’m grateful for that!

On Wednesday, we got to go to the TEMPLE! It was a wonderful session, and I felt a calming peace about my future and the remainder of my mission. In the temple, I feel that I can see the bigger picture better. I was reminded that my time left here on my mission is short and that I need to continue to work hard to the end. We had our Zone Training Meeting afterwards where we gave a training on “Developing A Christlike Companionship”. It was sure fun, interactive and the Spirit was there! The Zone Leaders gave training on developing a vision, having a desire and anchoring ourselves to that. One of our Zone Leaders, Elder Holman loves hashtags, so a tradition of the Lawton Zone is to end all trainings with a hashtag to remind us of what was discussed . Ours was #CompUnity (original I know..) and theirs was #AnchorTheDream. It was fun. One of our Senior Couple missionaries stood up and asked, “So, what is a hashtag?” Everyone laughed, including him and it was explained to him. It was so funny! We also met with Sister Brennan and taught her about prayer. She gave a great prayer afterwards, and we invited her to pray every day. Most of the weekend was full of Sister Porter saying good bye to people and packing, but Sister Hirschi and I are going through everything and organizing. We have a ton of fun together. Sister Hirschi is a lot more shy than Sister Porter, but when she laughs, she LAUGHS! Needless to say, we’ve had some good laughs so far. 🙂

I am so grateful for the Gospel! I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, might, mind and strength!

I love y’all so much!

Sister Kenz

IMG_0222Our District & the Assistants