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Family! Friends! 

Stillwater is SO DIFFERENT than Lawton. More green, more safe, a college town, more Sisters and lots to do. I love it! It’s a busy place and takes me back to Provo and Norman a little bit. I’m glad I’ll be spending my last weeks here. I’m with Sister Grace Morrell now. Sister Morrell is crazy fun, easy going, and powerful! She is from Idaho Falls, and went to BYU-I. She goes home at the end of this transfer, so we occasionally chat, worry and ponder on the craziness of being an “old” missionary and going home, but not too much, don’t worry. ūüôā It’s nice to have someone to talk to about it, when it’s so close. She definitely understands. Her brother also married the Mackay’s daughter (my piano teacher in Eagle), and she is Kenna’s cousin-in-law. So…. really small world.¬†Everyone calls us old now and I’m realizing more and more how long I have been out here…this is the best part of the mission though because you know how to be a missionary and it’s normal life now. Our District consists of 4 sets of sisters and 2 sets of Elders. It’s fun. We live with the Spanish Sisters: Hermana Anderson and Pagliaro… I love them! We have so much fun together, and we live in a¬†sweet house!¬†

My new area is going well… I’m a little overwhelmed because I have to take over the area in a couple weeks, but I am TRUSTING the Lord will help me! We have some cool investigators though so that is fun! One woman named Carla¬†is getting baptized in a couple weeks. She is in her 50s and her husband is a member. She is really sincere and has already read the Book of Mormon 3 times as well as the D&C and is now studying some of Moses and Abraham. She is a powerhouse! She asked if we could¬†study about temples¬†next time, so that is what we will do! Also… amazing miracle… I found Flora again (my recent convert from Africa who¬†I taught in Norman)! She is living and going to school here¬†in Stillwater! The OSU sisters said that she’s in their ward, so I get to see her tonight on exchanges! I am stoked! I lost contact with her when she moved, so I was worried, but now it’s a miracle!

We also received training from¬†Elder Foster of the Seventy here yesterday. It was soooooo good; probably one of the best trainings I’ve ever had. You think that when a general authority comes they are going to rebuke all the missionaries and whoop them into shape, but most of all the talks by him, his wife and the Walkenhorsts were about Heavenly Father’s love. President Walkenhorst talked about our desires and how we need to be focused on goals and aligning our will to the Father’s. Sister Walkenhorst talked about God’s perspective. She said, “Sometimes we just need an old fashioned pep talk so here it is: ‘you are doing alright, everything will work out!'” Then Sister Foster talked about having hard days and how we all have them. She talked about how we can do hard things, but not without Heavenly Father. Elder Foster first talked about member missionary work. The Stillwater and OKC Stake Presidents were there and so he talked about how we need to have better communication with each other¬†and work together better. He also talked about how we have 1 chance to serve a mission like this…1 chance to ponder for eternity. He said, “It’s a privilege to be a missionary.” He then talked about putting things in the past and keeping them there and moving on. He reminded us of what Heavenly Father told Adam and Eve in the garden “I will provide a Savior for you.” Elder Foster continued his last training by talking about prayer. It was the most profound training on prayer I had ever heard. He stressed the importance of knowing that God knows our name. Moses 1 really stresses this as well: “And I have a work for thee, Moses, my son [Mackenzie, my daughter]; and thou art in the similitude of mine Only Begotten; and mine Only Begotten is and shall be the Savior, for he is full of grace and truth; but there is no God beside me, and all things are present with me, for I know them all.” Also in D&C 124:20: “And again, verily I say unto you, my servant George Miller is without guile; he may be trusted because of the integrity of his heart; and for the love which he has to my testimony I, the Lord, love him.” Another example that He knows our name AND our heart. Another scripture he shared was in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10: ¬†“And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a¬†thorn in the flesh (trial or weakness), the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.For this thing I besought the Lord¬†thrice [not just once, but 3 times!],¬†that it might depart from me. And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ‚Äôs sake:¬†for when I am weak, then am I strong.”¬†

Ahhh…there is so much more I could share, but it’ll have to be in person someday. So¬†much to share, so little time. I also got a blessing on Sunday from the Elders which¬†was really inspired and really helped me. I am truly¬†grateful for my mission. I love it. It’s been a crazy week, but they all are! Also, thank you to all who have e-mailed me. It is SO uplifting, and I feel so loved every Monday when I get on my e-mail to hear all the updates on life and such! Y’all are an inspiration.

I love y’all tons! Keep uplifting all those around you!


Sis Kenz


The picture is of the Stillwater Zone with Elder Foster!

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Peace Be “Still”



I am SO HAPPY everything went so well with the wedding! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Nickel! I love you both so much! I’m glad I got to be a part of it through video! ūüôā It was quite the day…emotional, but very spiritual as well. I am grateful for Christ’s Atonement, and I really felt that day that He knew how I was feeling. It gave me so much hope and peace.¬†

This week was definitely one of answered prayers. Tuesday we went to a lesson at Becky’s, and after the lesson her car wouldn’t start. Sister Hirschi and I decided to pray for her and when we did that it started. BAM! It was crazy. She said that was so unusual, but the best part is that she gave the credit to God. It built her testimony of prayer! #answeredprayers On Friday, we got to go to the temple. Not enough ward members had signed up to clean the temple, so they asked if the missionaries could come help, so we did, and we also got to do a session. It was the day of the wedding, so I sat in the Celestial room pondering about the love I have for my family and how much Heavenly Father knows what is best. It was confirmed to me there, that this was the right thing and that there are¬†still people in Oklahoma that need me these next two months.¬†

So… I am actually leaving Lawton tomorrow, for STILLWATER! I am SO excited! I get to be the North STL with Sister Morrell (Kenna’s cousin-in-law). I am really looking forward to working with her. This is her last transfer so that will be fun, too! We cover 7 different companionships, so we’ll stay busy! Sister Law is actually coming to Lawton with Sister Hirschi, so that’s exciting too! ¬†And yes, 11 weeks to go for the mission… I cant believe it! No, the general authority hasn’t come yet… this is how it’s going… this week we have Mission Leader Conference and transfers; next Monday is our mission tour with Elder Foster (so I’ll e-mail Tuesday again); then the next Thursday is Zone Conference (where I will be giving a departing testimony). The week after that is the General Women’s Meeting, then the next week is General Conference (another date that is making me “old”…haha). After that is MLC and transfers again (Sister Borup coming!!!), then my last transfer with Halloween, MLC and lots and lots of sister exchanges!!! Crazy huh!? I’m gonna be booked until the end… literally! It’s all exciting and I’m glad I still have another area. I’m excited to see what adventures await in this next area, since I felt that I needed to stay here… bring it on Spirit! I’m realizing here on my¬†mission that time is running out and I’m wanting to run faster and work harder every day that goes by. I have more I want to improve in myself and develop.¬†

I needed this mission experience so badly. I look at myself and how I was before my mission. I am SO grateful that Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and I listened to the call, maybe even if I didn’t the first time. ūüėČ But I’m glad I did! I feel more capable and confident. I feel more confident in the Lord and in my testimony of the restored gospel. I know it’s true now more than ever. I know how to apply it, I know how it can bless my life and how it already has. I read through my patriarchal blessing recently and I smiled at how I “didn’t think it said anything about a mission”, because now I see that everything was talking about my mission. How could I be so blind? I am glad my eyes were opened and that I could have this experience. I’m glad I served in Lawton, Oklahoma. A piece of my heart will always be here with these people and the sisters in the south part of the mission. I have grown and been shaped so much here. I feel like Lawton was my “refiner’s fire”. It helped my teaching bloom through teaching the soldiers on Post, it helped me see what this quote by Elder Bednar meant: “You are called because of what you will become.” It helped me to learn to love people, to TRUST IN THE LORD, to love my companions more than ever, to be a leader, to understand my purpose as a missionary more than ever. It has truly shaped my mission and life. Thank you family and friends for all your love, support, prayers, and messages! I have the best family in the world!!

Love as always, 

Sister Roberts


AUGUST 25, 2014

Never Alone

Hello family and friends!

I can’t believe¬†how fast this month has gone by! This transfer flew by! This Sunday is transfer calls! I’m so excited/nervous! Wherever I go this transfer, will be my last move on the mission! I just feel so good. I feel like I’m really starting to get the hang of being a missionary. I’m recognizing the growing and learning experiences more and more! I have just decided to not worry or stress so much and trust that what happens is what needs to happen. As I have done this more, I have realized that I feel the Spirit’s guidance more and I am happier! Joy comes from choosing Christ’s way! I send my congrats to the soon to be couple Jordan and Madeleine Nickel this week! I know it will be a wonderful day and I will be there in spirit! I love you both!!

This week was pretty crazy though! We went on¬†exchanges with the sisters in Ardmore and Sulphur! It’s a two hour drive, and we did the exchanges back to back. We were so tired, but had so much fun! In Ardmore, we split the area and I went with Sister Heaton. She and I visited a lot of people and I got to know her a lot better! She’s great! All four of us had tons of fun together, too! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while! We went to a musical number practice with them that evening for the funeral of one of their ward members who had passed away. One of the older ladies wanted¬†to make the song more dramatic and another lady was kind of rolling her eyes and said, “Well I guess…you only die once.” It sounds a lot like yolo (you only live once), so it became our new joke “YODO”! We headed up to Sulphur the next day to visit Sister Beckstead and Brandt. Sister Brandt and I had dinner with a family whose¬†dad was deaf and the granddaughter had Down syndrome! It was soooo fun! And it was cool because it was the granddaughter’s (Abbi’s) 16th birthday! So we had cake. She loved it! She reminded me so much of Michael. It was a tender mercy! I felt right at home with her and she showed me all her favorite movie cases (Frozen and Monsters University). Sister Brandt thought it was cool and said it really helped her know how to talk to Abbi better! Sister Brandt is a really good teacher and is able to apply anything that anyone talks about to the gospel. It was so impressive!

Over¬†the weekend everything seemed to fall through, but because of that, we were able to be led to others we needed to see! Post was really fun this week. The soldiers I am working with are doing well and most are reading and praying about The Book of Mormon! It’s crazy teaching a big group of people at once! An experience to share….I was sitting during the sacrament and prayed hard that I would be able to teach through the Spirit. I was going to be teaching the Plan of Salvation. It really impressed me to ask that my tongue would be loosed and that I would speak what the Spirit would have me! ….And it totally happened! Not that I was really shocked that the Lord would help me, but the lesson flowed so well and even some of the things I said during the lesson surprised and taught me! It was such a great testimony booster and reminder that if you ask, you will receive! The Lord wants us to ask Him for help because when we do, it shows our great trust and confidence in Him. It also taught me that the Spirit is the real¬†teacher and that we can’t do it alone…when teaching or in life. We cannot do it alone! Jesus Christ has to help us and if we don’t let Him in, we will struggle! We have to choose Him! Choose to be on the Lord’s side!

I am grateful for the many challenges and joys the Lord has placed in my path to help me learn and grow! I am so much happier when I have decided to be on His side!

Love y’all,

Sister Roberts