AUGUST 25, 2014

Never Alone

Hello family and friends!

I can’t believe how fast this month has gone by! This transfer flew by! This Sunday is transfer calls! I’m so excited/nervous! Wherever I go this transfer, will be my last move on the mission! I just feel so good. I feel like I’m really starting to get the hang of being a missionary. I’m recognizing the growing and learning experiences more and more! I have just decided to not worry or stress so much and trust that what happens is what needs to happen. As I have done this more, I have realized that I feel the Spirit’s guidance more and I am happier! Joy comes from choosing Christ’s way! I send my congrats to the soon to be couple Jordan and Madeleine Nickel this week! I know it will be a wonderful day and I will be there in spirit! I love you both!!

This week was pretty crazy though! We went on exchanges with the sisters in Ardmore and Sulphur! It’s a two hour drive, and we did the exchanges back to back. We were so tired, but had so much fun! In Ardmore, we split the area and I went with Sister Heaton. She and I visited a lot of people and I got to know her a lot better! She’s great! All four of us had tons of fun together, too! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while! We went to a musical number practice with them that evening for the funeral of one of their ward members who had passed away. One of the older ladies wanted to make the song more dramatic and another lady was kind of rolling her eyes and said, “Well I guess…you only die once.” It sounds a lot like yolo (you only live once), so it became our new joke “YODO”! We headed up to Sulphur the next day to visit Sister Beckstead and Brandt. Sister Brandt and I had dinner with a family whose dad was deaf and the granddaughter had Down syndrome! It was soooo fun! And it was cool because it was the granddaughter’s (Abbi’s) 16th birthday! So we had cake. She loved it! She reminded me so much of Michael. It was a tender mercy! I felt right at home with her and she showed me all her favorite movie cases (Frozen and Monsters University). Sister Brandt thought it was cool and said it really helped her know how to talk to Abbi better! Sister Brandt is a really good teacher and is able to apply anything that anyone talks about to the gospel. It was so impressive!

Over the weekend everything seemed to fall through, but because of that, we were able to be led to others we needed to see! Post was really fun this week. The soldiers I am working with are doing well and most are reading and praying about The Book of Mormon! It’s crazy teaching a big group of people at once! An experience to share….I was sitting during the sacrament and prayed hard that I would be able to teach through the Spirit. I was going to be teaching the Plan of Salvation. It really impressed me to ask that my tongue would be loosed and that I would speak what the Spirit would have me! ….And it totally happened! Not that I was really shocked that the Lord would help me, but the lesson flowed so well and even some of the things I said during the lesson surprised and taught me! It was such a great testimony booster and reminder that if you ask, you will receive! The Lord wants us to ask Him for help because when we do, it shows our great trust and confidence in Him. It also taught me that the Spirit is the real teacher and that we can’t do it alone…when teaching or in life. We cannot do it alone! Jesus Christ has to help us and if we don’t let Him in, we will struggle! We have to choose Him! Choose to be on the Lord’s side!

I am grateful for the many challenges and joys the Lord has placed in my path to help me learn and grow! I am so much happier when I have decided to be on His side!

Love y’all,

Sister Roberts


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