Crazy Busy Week!

OCTOBER 6, 2014

Hey y’all!

This week was a great one! SO busy, but still amazing!

On Monday and Tuesday we were in Enid for exchanges. One of Sister Morrell’s recent converts, Gene, died last week, so we went to the funeral in Enid. It was interesting because another church put it on, and it wasn’t very happy or hopeful. I haven’t been to a lot of funerals in my life, but I noticed a distinct difference in the spirit and message of this one and the ones that I have been to. It wasn’t really about this man’s life or any hope of the resurrection, just about being saved and promoting the pastor of the church. It hit me again that the Gospel and the restored church provides such peace and hope for a “glorious resurrection,” a knowledge of where we go after this life, that it’s another step in the eternal progression and that families truly are forever. I was able to go with the Enid Hermanas that night and help them work their area since their area is closing at the end of the transfer. Then on Tuesday, I went with Sister Drinkall in the Enid English area. We helped at the Catholic soup kitchen and that evening went to their Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. It was so interesting! We all said the Lord’s prayer before the meal. Good thing I have it memorized 🙂 haha! I love Oklahoma and how religiously diverse it is! I love the good people who are making a difference in their communities because of their commitment to their Lord and Savior. I feel such hope being around these good Christian people in this crazy world.

Wednesday, we went to the Mission Leader Conference which was great! We compiled a book of birthday messages for Sister Walkenhorst from the missionaries in the mission and presented it to her during lunch! We sang “Happy Birthday” to her when she walked in the cultural hall, and after we sang, President bent over and gave her a big kiss. The Elders went wild. haha. She is amazing! I love the Walkenhorsts! They are so down to earth and personable. President says the funniest things. I think we could make a quote book of all the random lines he says. On the way back from MLC, we exchanged with the Edmond sisters. Sister Curtis was with me! We saw the Duffys and taught the kids about tithing. Their attention span is small, but they got it! The next morning was my birthday, (PS…Thank you to ALL who sent cards and packages! I felt so LOVED!). We drove to Edmond that morning and watched “Meet The Mormons”. President is going around the whole mission showing it before it comes out. It was SOOOOO GOOD! Everyone needs to go see it. Very inspiring. Then we went out to lunch at Fuzzy’s Tacos. The day was great! The Weiermans made me a pink cake. It was so cute!

On Friday we did exchanges with the Stillwater 1st sisters. I was with Sister McKenzie. We had a sweet lesson with LeRoy. He is struggling with knowing what to do about his job and everything, so he received a blessing, then we talked about how to recognize answers to prayers and how the Spirit works. Then….he came to General Conference on Sunday morning and LOVED it! And the first talk by President Eyring was on…..receiving personal revelation! I was in shock. So inspired. He is excited and his heart is softening so much! Speaking of conference, wasn’t that amazing!? I loved it, and it felt so good to listen to the prophets and general authorities. I loved the music, too. I loved President Uchtdorf’s talk on the 4 things we need to do to for answers (search the word of God, ponder the words of the prophets, ask with a sincere heart and ACT!) You can probably understand why a missionary would like this, but I realized that most of what was talked about in Conference, I will soon have to apply to life at home. I found so many good reminders of things to prepare for, and things to do and focus on. It’s easy to slip into a routine of just doing things or skipping these important habits, but they’re our spiritual food and protection. Elder Scott talked about this too! I am so so so grateful for the Gospel! It’s the best thing in my life!

I love y’all!

Sister Roberts


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