Crazy Week

OCTOBER 13, 2014

Hello y’all!

This week was CRAZY! Let me just say. Sister Pagliaro, one of the Hermanas, went home for health reasons so we were in a trio and it was rough. We had to balance out 2 areas. It was really hard, but we made it!! haha Sister Morrell is on her way home this Thursday, which means I need a new companion… drum roll…. for my LAST COMP…. HERMANA BEST!!! I’m SO SO SO SO excited! She’s one of my favorite sisters. She is from SLC and is so great! We’re going to hit the pavement hard, because this is going to be a really busy last transfer! We have lots to do in 5 weeks!

This week we saw a lot miracles both in English and Spanish. We found a Spanish family with a little 9-year-old girl named Yenny. She and I read Dora books because she is trying to learn English and I obviously need to learn Spanish. 😉 We also had a really great lesson with LeRoy. He doesn’t read very well, so we got him a Book of Mormon picture book, and he read 5 chapters. He said church really spoke to him this week! It was great! Things with the members are going really well, too, which makes a big difference! I love my mission so much! I’m just so used to everything now, it’s my life! I love this work and the Gospel. There is so much pure joy that comes through living it and loving it.

I had a cool experience this week with prayer. I was really struggling, so I went into the closet and just got on my knees and started praying. I really opened up to Heavenly Father and told him everything I was feeling and just talked to Him like I would talk to my family. By the end of the prayer, I felt so much better and felt more peace than I had in a while. It’s the peace that passes all understanding for sure! It was so cool and it strengthened my testimony enough for me to know that Heavenly Father listens to prayers…and not only listens, but answers. I’m so grateful for Him and the relationship I’ve strengthened with Him and also with Jesus Christ. For me, it’s these little experiences that build up into my testimony of God. But it’s honestly when I put forth the effort to do something about it. When I want help from God. But as I let Him carry, help, and strengthen me I find that I am so happy! Let Him in!

Life is good! Thanks for all y’all do!

Love always,

Sister Roberts


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