Habla Espanol?

IMG_0486 (Carla & me!)

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

I can’t believe that it is the end of September! Time seems to be flying by faster than ever. Stillwater is getting cooler every day with occasional rainstorms (aww yeah!). I really enjoy it here. It’s kind of outdoorsy and beautifully green! The campus is gearing up for Homecoming. Apparently, homecoming here is a HUGE deal, so we’re excited for there to be tons of people around, and we have some fun plans to help the sisters on campus with a booth and other fun things!

IMG_0465(helping at booth on campus)

Carla is going to be baptized this Sunday! We are so excited for her. Her thirst for knowledge grows with every day. She keeps her nose in church books all the time. It’s so cool to see and hear about her life and how she’s changed and how it brought her to this point. She is mostly excited to go to the temple in a year, but we are planning a trip early October to do baptisms for the dead with her.

This week, I was also able to go on two exchanges (with Hna Best and Hna Anderson). Ironically, both of them were in Spanish areas… okay and I’ll tell you now, I don’t know any Spanish. I know a basic conversation, and can understand some, but not much, but the cool thing is being able to feel the Spirit even when you don’t know exactly what is going on. I was able to have my testimony translated, so hopefully they could feel the spirit of that! Going Spanish is like a different mission experience. I love it though! I learned a lot from Sister Best and Sister Anderson. Sister Best is an amazing missionary. She is very spirit led and doesn’t let things stress her out. Sister Anderson is so much fun to be around. We live in the same house, but it was fun to hear her going off in Spanish.

We also went to Enid for their Zone’s Specialized Training Meeting. We gave a training on “Our Purpose as missionaries in the Plan of Salvation.” It went really well and there was a lot of participation (usually a good sign haha).

I’m really grateful for my Heavenly Father’s, Jesus Christ’s and the Holy Ghost’s help in my life. I have seen such a change of heart in myself as I have more fully dedicated myself to the Gospel. I am so happy and feel so much peace in my life. I’ve pondered about what it truly means to come unto Christ. As it says in Moroni 10:32: “Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God.” I have realized that coming unto Christ also involves keeping our baptismal covenants…to keep the commandments, love God, serve God, serve others. When we do good around us, we are blessed with His Spirit. Also, in the sacrament prayer in Moroni 10:4: ” O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it; that they may eat in remembrance of the body of thy Son, and witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they are willing to take upon them the name of thy Son, and always remember him, and keep his commandments which he hath given them, that they may always have his Spirit to be with them. Amen.” I love how it says “may” in the prayer above. That the Holy Ghost may be with us if we do those things. I have realized that as we do these things, we are blessed with the peace and happiness that comes through the Spirit. I am just loving it here more and more every day. I have been reflecting a lot on these past 16 months and pondering about all the things I’ve learned and the ways the Spirit has touched me and others and the miracles I’ve seen. I love it with all my heart! I love y’all so much! I hope everyone has a great week ahead! I know we do: Zone Conference, exchanges, General Women’s Meeting….yay! Love y’all!


Sister Roberts

IMG_0520 (Stilly 2nd Ward missionaries!)


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