SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Hey y’all!

This week was SO great! Glorious! It started on Tuesday morning by going to Woodward, Oklahoma for an exchange. Woodward is where the sister missionary was killed last year while riding her bike. The area had been closed for the sisters until a couple transfers ago. It was a really good experience with Sister Cardon. We had a lot of fun! We then the next morning at 5:30 headed on our way back to Stillwater for Zone Conference, but our car battery died at a gas station. We were like, “ahhhh no!” Apparently, the car had been having issues so this wasn’t new. We asked a man nearby if he had jumper cables, but he didn’t, so I just said a prayer in my mind and told her to try starting it again and…. it started and we made it on time! What I thought was interesting was that I tried hard to exercise pure faith that the Lord would help us in whatever way was best, doubting nothing. I’m not trying to say I have perfect faith, because sometimes it is hard to believe something will happen. But I tried hard to not let those doubts enter my mind. As we drove away, I looked up at the stars (which were easy to see in the small town), and I felt a sense of closeness with my Heavenly Father, that He knew my name and He cared enough to answer the prayer of two sister missionaries in Woodward, Oklahoma on their early way to a Zone Conference. It was a testimony builder that the Creator of all those stars, which is impossible to see or comprehend, knows my name, heard me and answered us. What if the car hadn’t started…does that mean He doesn’t care? No!! We get questions like this almost every day, and as we understand the Plan of Salvation more and more in our lives, we understand that things happen how they should if we are doing our best. Mom made a really good comment in her e-mail to me that when we are keeping our covenants, things will all work out! It is true, in the best way. I really appreciate this mindset especially as I near the end of my mission (7 weeks :/) that all will work out! My mindset has changed because I’ve served a mission. It has helped me to see more clearly what matters most and what I need to do with my life! I’m grateful for those small moments that change my life and build my testimony.

At the Zone Conference, President talked about asking questions and listening. I’ve really been trying to implement that! Last night, we had a lesson with a returning less active member who was going to teach us the Plan of Salvation. We were sitting on his apartment porch, and his neighbor, Christian, came out to smoke. She is a former investigator. Sister Morrell and I were pretending to be investigators…Sister Morrell was being the devil’s advocate, and I was interested. Even Christian was getting into it and was defending and teaching us with Michael. It was really cool, and in the end she said we could come back to teach her! #miracles! So it is a testimony to the fact that asking questions really works and they learn from themselves! For example, I asked, “Well what if I feel like I have repented but I don’t feel forgiven, do I have to forgive myself?” Christian blurted out, “That’s MY problem!” #spritled It was so cool! Going back to Zone Conference, I gave my departing testimony to the missionaries. It was really humbling, because I don’t feel like an old missionary that has been out for 16 months. Crazy!

We also had Carla’s baptism on Saturday, it was GLORIOUS! She was beaming and so excited! The whole program was wonderful, and her husband was able to baptize her, so that was another miracle! She was emotional and so happy! I was able to play a violin duet with our RS president which was a lot of fun! The Women’s Broadcast was also that night and was so good. Very uplifitng! Heavenly Father loves you and the temple is the place to be!

The Gospel is true y’all!

Love, Sister Kenz

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMowing the Elders’ lawn for them #charitywars



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