Sprinting Hard

OCTOBER 20, 2014

Hey y’all!

This week was good and super busy. Sister Best…really is the best! We get along great and have had a lot of fun! This week we met with LeRoy, and he is praying about Dec. 13th for a baptismal date! He has addictions to overcome, but is working hard! Michael, one of our members, and his fellowshipper, taught the Doctrine of Christ to LeRoy and us. It was so cool to see how into it LeRoy was when one of his friends was teaching. We also met with Darion, a Jehovah’s witness, and talked about that for a while. It was interesting, and we testified a ton of The Book of Mormon 🙂

This week was tough and miraculous at the same time. I think the Lord has just been trying and stretching me a lot during this final stretch of my mission. I got my travel/plane plans on Saturday and made a solid commitment to the Lord that I was going to finish strong. One of my companions made a good comment that at the end of your mission you think you’ve run out of energy, you’re so tired and worn out, so that’s when you completely rely on Christ’s strength to help pick you back up and keep running. I apply so much of life to running since I was very involved in it. At the end of a race, 3 miles in, you are so tired, but know that everything you do now will effect how you finish. That 0.1 mile is critical: you sprint it. Even when you have no energy you still push through it and are given a boost of energy just before you practically collapse at the finish line. I always knew I put my all into the race if, at the end, I almost passed out, and I usually almost did. I’ve always wanted the end of my mission to be like this and now it’s show time! haha I love my new companion and all her wonderful strengths, too! I’ve loved my mission and all the great things it has taught me. I am honored to be a missionary!

Sorry this e-mail is really short, but life is great and time is short! I love y’all a ton!


Sister Roberts


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