No Coincidences


NOVEMBER 3, 2014

Hey y’all!

What a week! It’s been busy busy and it’s going to get busier here. We had two exchanges this week, a ward party and many miracles!  Here are some to name a few:

We were coming back from Perry, one of our outlying towns, and we stopped at Subway for dinner. We started talking to the lady making our sandwiches and she was a hoot. She said she had met with missionaries in Texas. Of course we kept asking questions and she totally told us she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet! We are going to start meeting with her when she moves away from her abusive boyfriend. She is moving to Perry, which is our area! #miracles

We were visiting one of our less active families, the Misikans, and the Grandma told us that her granddaughter is interested in learning about the Church and being baptized! But what is cool about that, is that we had found her mom’s teaching record from like 6 years ago, and I felt like we needed to find them. #miracles

One of our members was working and a lady who lives in her apartment complex started asking her questions about the church and asked for some pamphlets. What is cool is that they have a lot in common and their paths have crossed many times. #miracles

At the ward party, tons of people brought friends and told us about it before the party so we could look for them! There were also a lot of part member families who came! #miracles

Phil, Carla’s (RC) husband bore his testimony in fast and testimony meeting! He is so strong in the Gospel and coming back full force! #miracles And we’re going to the temple to do baptisms with them next week!!

I am so grateful for miracles. Those unexplained things that happen, the people that cross your path, the promptings that come throughout the day, and the members who open their mouths and share what they love with their friends. This is the Lord’s work and He is in charge, therefore we cannot fail. It truly is impossible to fail while you are on the Lord’s errand. He loves us all and will help you as you ask Him.

I love y’all SO MUCH!

Sister Roberts


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